Season 8 - Episode 11: Who's There?

Episode 11: Who's There?

Sorry, this episode is no longer available to watch on Demand 5.

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The team probes the murder of a high-profile real-estate broker whose business and family affairs were not as happy as they initially seem.



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  • :()

    2 years ago


    CSI New York and CSI Miami are as they call it on the bubble! No official comment one way or the other. CSI (Las Vegas) is to carry on as usual. They are all great but I believe CSI New York is the best of them all. Really hope it gets renewed.

  • SBx

    2 years ago


    i love CSI sooooo much i so hope it is not the last season!!!! i think the friend request could have been someone who made an account for his (dead) wife or something like that.

  • melody

    2 years ago


    me 2 i love this omg i hope not i will die

  • anon

    2 years ago


    I really hope not! CSI is my FAVOURITE programme ever to be made!

  • glenis

    2 years ago


    great series, one of the best csi, hope it does continue

  • janet

    2 years ago


    great as usual hope the rumours are not true about it being the last series.

  • KE

    2 years ago


    As of 03 April, the official word from CBS (the US network currently producing all CSI series), they have not yet decided on the outcome of CSI:NY. See , where you can add your pleas directly to the network. Rumours have been milling around that one of the CSI shows would go to make room for a new hour-long drama. Only CSI (LV) was given the go-ahead in March's announcement. -- As fans of US dramas will have noted over the years, there is still the possibility that: (a) CBS decides to renew CSI:NY for a full or half season (only 18 episodes were ordered for 2012/Season 8); (b) the producers shop it to another network, possibly outside the big 3 (ABC, NBC, CBS). -- Of course, none of that guarantees that Channel 5 agrees to carry it for another season, let alone put it on Demand 5. -- If you want to save CSI:NY, let your voices be heard at CBS and Channel 5!

  • kate

    2 years ago


    i actuaally love sela ward (Jo)

  • courtney lee mcauley

    2 years ago

    courtney lee mcauley

    who ever is sayin its gona b the last season wel its nite cuz im a big fan of csi new york and i have everything to it i mean everything and i love mac taylor so much i have all his stuff and ive watched csi new york when it was only new out and ive never missed a season or episode of it so there is gona be another season of csi

  • person13

    2 years ago


    i dont belive this is the last season!!? arrrrr, i cant beee!

  • Mark

    2 years ago


    Yep, it has been cancelled. Just spoke to an American friend. Gutted.

  • Matt

    2 years ago


    Wait a minute? Who said there isn't going to be another season? Your joking right?

  • k

    2 years ago


    how did she open the door to get out of the room?

  • H

    2 years ago


    I want to know who was the Friend request is! It looked like someone Mac Taylor neeww! arrrrrrr, will we ever know??????????/ Another amazing twist!!

  • Hayley

    2 years ago


    I didn't know there wasn't going to be another season! This is the best CSI!

  • Amanda

    2 years ago


    omg!! is this the last season?? and i loved this epiosde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hodgingscot

    2 years ago


    too bad their won't be another season.

  • Semper Fi

    2 years ago

    Semper Fi

    It always is!

  • emma hedge

    2 years ago

    emma hedge

    its a very good episode