Dallas Season 2 premiere date announced

The wait's finally over: the sibling rivalries, romantic betrayals and corruption are back in a brand new season of Dallas, coming soon to Channel 5.

Dallas Season 2 premiere date announced

The rumours are true: the battle for power, love and Southfork itself continue as Dallas returns to Channel 5 for a brand new season at 9pm on Tuesday 29 January.

By the end of the explosive first series, Ann had managed to get Ryland on tape trying to blackmail her, and Bobby’s medical problems had escalated. Elena went running into Christopher’s arms after realising John Ross was just as deceptive, scheming and power-hungry as his dad J.R, and Rebecca, dumped by Christopher when he learned she was lying about being related to Tommy, went to meet her father — longtime Ewing enemy and Bobby’s one-time brother-in-law, Cliff Barnes.

Season 2 promises not only plenty more of the sibling rivalries, romantic betrayals and corruption legendary to the Ewings but also the addition of some new faces, including Emma Brown (played by Emma Bell), a sheltered beauty whose father has taught her to distrust the world around her, and Drew Ramos (Kuno Becker), Elena’s troubled brother who returns to Southfork.

The new season also features Larry Hagman's final episodes as J.R. Ewing: how will the legend end for TV's iconic villain?

Comments (26)

  • kelly

    1 month ago


    dallas series 3, is there one coming to channel 5

  • Ibrahim

    3 months ago


    When is series two repeated pleeeeaaase! need to catch up before series 3 in feb 2014!

  • Jane

    10 months ago


    why did they never advertise this...I've been waiting for it to come on the TV? Didnt realise it has been on UK TV for months.....what wrong with channel 5?????

  • Lynda

    11 months ago


    Ditto. Missed the start of the second series. So disappointed.

  • GiGi

    11 months ago


    I was also disappointed to hear about series 2 just as it finished. I have been waiting and looking for it for ages. I agree with many of the comments here. No advertising and not at an obvious time. Please can you repeat the whole series asap!

  • Soraya Scrivener

    12 months ago

    Soraya Scrivener

    My husband and I loved the first series. We've just realised that we've missed most of the 2nd series. Very dissapointed!! When will it be repeated or available to buy on DVD?

  • James Cooper

    1 year ago

    James Cooper

    Likely they want to make money from the DVD. The lack of advertising, late showing time and prevention of n demand viewing scream conspiratorial behaviour. Either that or someone needs the sack.

  • Jo

    1 year ago


    So annoyed at missing most of the series... why was it not advertised? Whats with the stupid time? Do you want it to be fazed out channel 5???

  • Sam Curtis

    1 year ago

    Sam Curtis

    I have missed most of this second series of Dallas due to the time change. Why no warning of ime change?????? Hope when it is repeated it is at 9pm or even 8pm.

  • Sam

    1 year ago


    Not amused with the change in showing time - 11pm what the ???? is that all about, i have to be up at six every day so to bed at 10pm for me. This is not fair.

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  • Gabrielle Chadderton

    1 year ago

    Gabrielle Chadderton

    I've just realised I missed the start of New Dallas series 2 . I'm not sure if you advertised it enough as the first series was heavily advertised around 'The Wright Stuff'-my favourite show on TV.Maybe this is why you have lost viewers as I would definitely have watched and now have to wait for the box set.Sad Dallas Fan.

  • Lisa

    1 year ago


    Why so late a time for Dallas 11pm on a tues ?? No wonder the numbers have supposedly dropped !! This is by far the BEST series on tv ... Please please please carry on showing next series ... Put it on at a peak time against the likes of deadenders or corrie ..:-)

  • Carlton

    1 year ago


    Cannot belive the scheduling time simply stupid, night as well leave it in demand TV seriously the show is getter better but who will watch it.

  • angela

    1 year ago


    channel 5 u aint advertised it enough,, and gotta say it the best series on tv, how can u not buy series 3

  • Rita

    1 year ago


    what are you doing channel 5, don't you want us fans to watch Dallas???? How stupid to keep moving the days and TIMES!!! What happened to the 9.00pm slot? I don't want to be up until midnight to see it....WHY OH WHY ARE U PLAYING WITH THE TIMES?? DISGRUNTLED VIEWER....DALLAS FAN....of old and new.

  • Sarah

    1 year ago


    Channel 5 is it true the next series won't be shown in the uk??!!! Can't believe it! Absolutely loving it. Pleeeeease show the next series.........?

  • Rob

    1 year ago


    What on earth are Channel 5 doing by moving Dallas to 11pm to be replaced by repeats of various shows? Come on programme schedulers - show some common sense & move it back to 9pm please!

  • Lisa

    1 year ago


    Im loving dallas but I didn't know the time had changed!! I missed Tuesdays episode as I didn't know!! Why so late....? I'm up at 5am every morning,silly time,I'll be recording it.

  • Mike

    1 year ago



  • Jake

    1 year ago


    They have moved the time to 11pm. What are they doing?

  • Rachel

    1 year ago


    When is the next episode showing , can't see that it's on tonight ??

  • Sara

    1 year ago


    I work Tuesday evenings. Will it be repeated?

  • Gemma Pyle

    1 year ago

    Gemma Pyle

    Best show on TV!!! Mega excited for its return!!! Great work Channel 5 getting it on our screens again!!!

  • Dave Adams

    1 year ago

    Dave Adams

    Well done Channel 5 for bringing back the rooting tooting Ewings!! Fantastic news that we in the UK will be able to see it almost immediately after its broadcast in the USA!

  • Helen

    over 1 year ago


    Super excited for this and sad at the same time. One minor edit, Cliff Barnes was Bobby's brother-in-law not father-in-law