Episode 1 blog - 'The fun is just beginning'

After 21 years, Dallas is back with a bang! Here's the place to share your thoughts on the opening episode.

Spoiler warning: This blog contains details of Episode 1 storylines

After 21 years, Dallas is back with a bang!

When we left J. R. Ewing at the end of Dallas's 14th season, the oil baron has lost everything: Ewing Oil was in the hands of Cliff Barnes, Bobby had control of Southfork, and wife Sue Ellen had left him to boot. Walking around the ranch with a loaded gun, J. R. was ready to end it all - and, as Bobby returned home to the sound of a gunshot from his brothers room, viewers were left with one epic and oh-so-Dallas cliffhanger.

Flash forward through two decades and a couple of reunion movies, and the Southfork sinner is back - although now a little the worse for wear, being treated for clinical depression. Sue Ellen is sober and powerful, ready to run for governor; the ranch, for now at least, remains in the hands of Bobby and his new wife Ann; and the ambitious young generation are ready to pick up where their dads left off. Bobby's adopted son Christopher is trying to prove himself a Ewing by promoting alternative energy, and J.R. junior John Ross is busy digging up Southfork in the hunt for crude oil.

News of John Ross's illegal oil drilling comes out on the eve of Christopher's wedding, as Bobby - who, the source of one more jaw-dropping shock, is hiding news of a cancer diagnosis - declares he's going to sell the ranch to a land conservancy trust. Every inch his father's son, John Ross retaliates by filing an injunction against the sale, on the grounds of mental incompetence. J. R. would be proud.

As Bobby gets his own back by kicking his nephew off the ranch and rushing forward with the sale, John Ross finally bites the bullet and visits a despondent J.R. - who, at the first whiff of the sale of Southfork, rouses from sleep and, with some furious twitching of those eyebrows, sets about hatching a plan of his own.

When they're not at war over money, the young Ewings are fighting over women: as the family comes together for Christopher's wedding to Rebecca, it comes out that his former fiance Elena - who's now on the arm of John Ross - ditched him on their own wedding day owing to an e-mail telling him she wasn't good enough, supposedly written by him. It wasn't, of course, meaning Christopher's big day is peppered with plenty of lingering looks towards his former bride-to-be. 

If that weren't enough to fuel Christopher's worries on the happiest day of his life, then the fact that his research team's attempts to tap methane have triggered an underwater earthquake certainly does the job - especially when John Ross gets hold of his research and uses it to blackmail him, hoping to stop Bobby's sale of Southfork once and for all.

Of course, John Ross has taken out extra insurance, so he even manages to remain unshaken when J. R. proves he's not one for sharing the spoils of war when he reveals his personal connection to Marta Del Sol of the Del Sol Conservancy, to whom Bobby has committed to sell Southfork.

Later, after a series of clandestine meetings with an as-yet-unseen contact, John Ross rocks up at the empty Cowboys Stadium, stetson in hand. Waiting for him there is Marta, whose true allegiance becomes clear as she confirms his suspicions of J. R. ‘Trust me, Southfork will be mine, and only mine,' John Ross insists. 'The fun is just beginning.'

So, what did you think of the opening episode?

  • If not John Ross, who did write the e-mail that ended Christopher's engagement to Elena?
  • Will Bobby find out the truth before handing over Southfork?
  • Do J. R.'s eyebrows deserve their own credit?
  • Who looks better in a stetson: John Ross or J. R.?