Ann Ewing

Brenda Strong plays Ann Ewing, Bobby's third wife and the new matriarch of Southfork.

Ann Ewing

Ann Ewing is the third wife of Bobby Ewing.

After their mutual friend Sue Ellen introduced them, Bobby was instantly struck by Ann’s quiet strength and beauty. They quickly fell in love and married, and the pair settled in to Southfork and began making it their own.

As a consummate horse cutter, Ann also fell in love with Southfork Ranch. A woman who can work a gun and ride a stallion, Ann fits right into the Ewing lineup of beautiful women who know their way around a ranch.

Ann’s first marriage to big-time Texas transportation executive Harris Ryland, who is as sly as he is rich, continues to haunt Ann in her new life. But despite her past, she is a supportive wife to Bobby and has assumed her role as the new matriarch of Southfork with dignity and grace.