Ann Ewing

Brenda Strong plays Ann Ewing, Bobby's third wife and the new matriarch of Southfork.

Ann Ewing

Ann Ewing is the third wife of Bobby Ewing.

After their mutual friend Sue Ellen introduced them, Bobby, who wasn’t looking for love, was instantly struck by Ann’s quiet strength and beauty and once he saw her soothe and saddle Southfork’s wildest, most unbreakable stallion, he was hooked. Here was a woman both gentle and tough who knew her way around a ranch.

Bobby married her and never looked back. But Ann looked back often, in secret, and it hurt. Though happy with her true love, Bobby, Ann remained haunted by memories of her first marriage to transportation magnate Harris Ryland, who kidnapped their baby daughter from Ann years before.

Ashamed of who she was back then, Ann hid that dark chapter of her past from Bobby until her daughter, Emma, reappeared. Now given a second chance at motherhood, Ann’s hopeful that she and Emma can heal and repair their severed bond.