Series 1 - Episode 2

Harry Middleton

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This week, we take a ride with an Essex boy racer whose girlfriend is terrified of getting in a car with him, a mother from East Sussex and a Warrington grandmother.

Harry is an architectural technician from Essex. His girlfriend Sam gives him an ultimatum: unless he sorts out his reckless driving and slows down, she is not going anywhere in a car with him. Harry takes Sam out for a drive to try to reassure her, but after committing numerous driving offences, all he succeeds in doing is terrifying her and demonstrating how much he needs professional help! His time with the pros starts badly, as he decides to show expert Sarah his usual tricks...

Another driver that gets a kick out of going fast is 23-year-old legal student and mum Stephanie. Steph’s best friend thinks that as a mother, she really should know better and set an example. Steph takes her dad out for a drive to show him how in control she is. As a driving instructor, he is horrified by what he sees and ends up pleading with his daughter to get professional help. Steph begins her two hour session with the experts by taking instructor Karen for a whirlwind spin around East Sussex. Karen quickly pulls her over and dishes out some tough love – will it be enough to turn Steph’s driving around?

Finally, there is Pat, a grandmother from Warrington who is desperate to win back her independence. Her daughter Angela ends up being more of an instructor than a passenger. Pat cannot get above fifteen miles per hour and ends up crashing her car into a pile of trolleys in a supermarket car park. Can the expert, Steven, to iron out Pat’s issues with speed and parking in two hours?



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    Club promoter Lewis has no worries about his looks, but his driving skills need much sharpening.

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