Series 2 - Episode 4

Episode 4

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This week’s celebrity driver is 66-year-old former Conservative politician, novelist and broadcaster, Edwina Currie. She may be a former Junior Health Minister, but her daughter Debbie says that when gets into the car with her mother, her heart is often in her mouth.

Edwina admits that she is too easily distracted. The rolling hills of Derbyshire, her forthcoming speech at journey’s end or the drama on the car radio are more likely to absorb her attention than what is happening on the roads. Although she knows that concentrating on driving is important, she often finds it boring. She also admits to driving fast and hates crowded motorways.

Edwina’s driving is tackled by instructor Claire Bracegirdle, who suggests that she does a commentary drive to keep her focus on the road ahead. Edwina has to brake suddenly because of her insistence on driving in the right-hand lane, tempting other drivers to pull out from the left. She does not take criticism well and ends up red faced at Claire’s reaction to her assertion that the speed limit on one of the roads is 35mph.

Edwina has a reputation as a feisty lady, but in Claire she has met her match. It turns out to be more of a dialectic lesson than a driving lesson, but by the end how much progress has she made?

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  • Keeley

    1 year ago


    Was this the last in the seris?

  • WHBS

    1 year ago


    BAZZ: A more sensible idea would be to set the minimum age for driving to 40.

  • KingOfTheHill

    1 year ago


    At 3'14 the programme makers have altered an amber traffic light to make it look red. Why the deceit?

  • bazz

    1 year ago


    Old drivers are the biggest hazard on the roads, they should have there license revoked at 70

  • Maria jane Ali

    1 year ago

    Maria jane Ali

    Brilliant! So funny!