Series 3 - Episode 2

Episode 2

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20 young hopefuls compete to win 10 places on the firm's coveted apprenticeship scheme and seasoned pro Tim Fox takes his biomass juggernaut on the road to deliver recyclable garden waste in dangerously high winds.

Elsewhere, two unlucky passengers come unstuck at Southend Airport, as the company attempt to conquer the airways in their latest £100million venture.



  • Series 3 - Episode 1

    It's panic stations when the haulage firm's trucking festival needs a last-minute change of venue.

  • Series 2 - Episode 8

    Stobart takes to the skies when it invests in an airline.

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Comments (25)

  • Peter Thompson

    almost 2 years ago

    Peter Thompson

    Stobart is the best lets have more

  • GregTk:)

    2 years ago


    This would be better if there were no adverts online:(

  • dominic carey

    2 years ago

    dominic carey

    this show is class! i dont c why they invest in major ferries across the irish sea like stena or irish ferries. :)

  • Toni

    2 years ago


    I love Eddie Stobart. These silly comments people write, if you don't like the show then don't sit there for an hour and watch it. There are enough channels these days just turn over for goodness sake!

  • AntonyMargrie

    2 years ago


    i like this show

  • kyle

    2 years ago


    world best programme

  • Jo

    2 years ago


    Why is their footage in this episode which is a repeat of the previous episode? The two women at the wedding was in episode 1 wasn't it?

  • rob

    2 years ago


    what a load of rubbish same old dramatic music will they make it or wont they why have i wasted a hour of my life i will never get it back and knowing my luck i will get stuck behind a stobart waggon on my way home

  • wayne

    2 years ago


    we all stomp the tarmac an take goods all over the country not just stobarts an we all tramp out in our trucks were just not on telly thanks one of britians many other truckers on the road

  • NickHeap68

    2 years ago


    Can you explain to me why when i try to watch this programme on your website the adverts run without a problem and then the main feature has a problem and is not available...I have tried to watch this programme for days now and it will not play....Tell me at the start if there is a problem not after 100 second of ads

  • Jonboy

    2 years ago


    I would enjoy this programme if it did n't keep freezing every few seconds and i cant spend 2 hrs watching it!!!!

  • corsair3

    2 years ago


    Great programme, look forward to it every week, hope we get a series 4 at a later date.

  • jay

    2 years ago


    cool program can not stop watching it lolz

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  • Mike

    2 years ago


    Harry who?. oh you mean that prat who thinks he's funny, he sould have stayed a doctor

  • dave

    2 years ago


    same as last 2 so staged lol ...Harry Hill has it so right

  • ian mcadam

    2 years ago

    ian mcadam

    I'm a traindriver & understand the discilpine & fortitude required to work in the transport's either suited to ya or it isn't.great viewing!


    2 years ago


    Eddie stobart should do caravan transport

  • Amelia Robinson

    2 years ago

    Amelia Robinson

    I Can't get enough of Eddie Stobart!

  • tj

    2 years ago


    drivers not got a clued swearing dose not help where kids are watching like

  • steve

    2 years ago


    Stobart should start a bus company. Ill deffo work for them then

  • rach

    2 years ago


    I have a new found respect for these drivers. I have now watched all episodes

  • Nick Barry Parkyn

    2 years ago

    Nick Barry Parkyn

    Hi george I simply the best I Lots 80 my MUM and DAD said Man From Nick

  • kieren

    2 years ago


    isn't it just!!!

  • george

    2 years ago


    simply the best