Series 3 - Episode 3

Eddie Stobart: Trucks & Trailers

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A Stobart truck has to go the distance in Ireland, Fiona and Ed the boss's son cosy up in the cab and Elliott has to perform a tricky delivery in Yorkshire.


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Comments (18)

  • Carl

    over 1 year ago


    If there is a height restriction delivery, your load is loaded on a trl that is lower than the restriction, does everybody think this is how we do our deliveries every day, well its not, this was done for tv, Edward knows the height of that store, i live in the town, its all to make our job look entertaining

  • George Denton

    over 1 year ago

    George Denton

    i love Eddie Stobart i want to drive one and be in the company

  • kyle

    over 1 year ago


    i love eddie stobart and i want to drive a eddie stobart truck i love trucks

  • Chris

    2 years ago


    "She's quite fit"?! WRONG Mr Stobart Jr. Fiona is VERY fit! I really enjoy watching this show though. Makes me want to go for my HGV and apply for Stobarts! lol

  • Brian Williams

    2 years ago

    Brian Williams

    Is it right all Tesco depot drivers are now employed by Storbarts, even though all the lorrys belong to Tescos

  • jamain harrison

    2 years ago

    jamain harrison

    i love the show. i want to be a truck driver

  • pete ex tesco driver

    2 years ago

    pete ex tesco driver

    If he had been a good driver he would have checked the height of the trailer against the risk assessment of the store before he set off on his journey to tesco blackburn.

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  • sue

    2 years ago


    and the irish driver thinks the car is an idiot for overtaking - well how about how close he was driving to car in front - he'd never have stopped in time if car had suddenly braked!!

  • Davie

    2 years ago


    Fiona is just the best. Iv been driving for 25 years and she would kick me and the rest of the idiots that call themselves good drivers up here in Aberdeen clean out of the park. Nice one Fiona!!

  • Patrick

    2 years ago


    I don't even know why i watch this show, it is just so..... additive and interesting to see what they get up to,

  • Aiden

    2 years ago


    I have always wanted to be one of there truck drivees i cat wait till I am older

  • Mike

    2 years ago


    Edd your first mistake is Fiona is not quite fit she is gorgeous :) i love fiona :)

  • Katy

    2 years ago


    I absolutely LOVE Eddie Stobart! I am part of their fan club and everything!!!

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  • john clark

    2 years ago

    john clark

    Lbout the love the program shame a bout the loud backing music you cant hear the commentary

  • divyesh

    2 years ago


    How long does it take to get the clip up :S