Emergency Bikers

Emergency Bikers

Making their debut in series 6 are Bristol biker paramedics Rich, Dean and Tom, who are new to the city scene but quick to carve a path through one of the most congested places in the UK. At 24, Rich is the baby of the trio, while joker Dean’s nickname is Wingnut and Tom is the fastest rider on the road. The Bristol boys are certainly a force to be reckoned with.

They line up alongside some old favourites. In Cornwall, Hoops and Rob continue to work their magic in some tricky and heart-breaking incidents. In Essex, Ackers is on the prowl with a new toy, while straight-talking Clem takes no prisoners. Tracey knows how to keep everyone sweet, and boss Nick demonstrates why being a biker cop demands both the patience of a saint and a razor-sharp wit.

From horrific crashes to life-threatening seizures, rare allergies to ingenious ways of getting patients to safety, from hunting for stolen cars to sniffing out drugs, the crew continue to deliver gripping viewing.

  • Series 6 - Episode 6

    Wingnut tends an elderly woman with agonising stomach pain.

  • Series 6 - Episode 5

    Wingnut helps two injured horseriders and Clem stops a driver who is undertaking at high speed.

  • Series 6 - Episode 4

    Biker paramedic Iain Hooper assists a man who has fallen from his roof and landed head-first on his van.

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