Emergency Bikers

Birmingham's paramedic bikers

Meet the team that race around saving lives in the city.

Birmingham's paramedic bikers

Meet the frontline heroes of Britain's emergency services as we follow West Midland's Ambulance Service biker paramedics and Essex police biker cops, and enter the world of those who daily risk their lives to save ours.

From shootings and stabbings to heart attacks and delivering babies, Birmingham's three biker paramedics - Steve Harris, Barry Rudge and Mark Hayes - race on their Yamaha FJR1300s to incidents within an eight mile radius of the city centre.

All three have been injured as they risk life and limb responding to an average 400 calls a month. They get there in half the time of a traditional ambulance, adding precious minutes to frontline treatment.

Steve Harris (Series 1 and 2)

Steve Harrisaka Forrest Grump - because he tends to be a bit grumpy

  • He’s been with the ambulance service since 1978.
  • One highlight of his career was delivering twin girls.
  • He reckons he’s got the best job going.
  • His hobby is 4x4 off-roading.

Mark Hayes (Series 1 and 2)

Markaka Flymo – because he took a bend too fast during training and trimmed the grass embankment

  • He joined the ambulance service in 1995.
  • One of his most dramatic incidents was a city centre stabbing where the only way to save the patient was for Mark to plug a severed artery with his finger. The man survived.
  • He loves gadgets.

Barry Rudge (Series 1)

Barry Rudgeaka Flipper - because he took a drenching when he flipped his bike into a river during training, and was told he needed flippers instead of legs

  • He joined the Ambulance Service in 1983.
  • He's a petrol head who used to race in his spare time.
  • He's an ex-Honda Motorcycle CB500 Club champion.