Series 4 - Episode 1

Episode 1

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In the first episode of the brand new series, Essex biker cop Steve 'Stomp' Allen, races to a multi-vehicle pile-up and on scene, one couple are trapped and injured in their wreck of a car. It's a rush for the fire brigade to cut them out while the air ambulance is scrambled to give emergency treatment.

Over in Birmingham, the squad's newest biker paramedic Steve Cooper has the mickey taken out of his likeness to Harry Potter, but within minutes he faces a baptism of fire. A 999 call-out finds Steve working his magic on Will, a man who's in the first stage of a cardiac arrest. With his patient's condition deteriorating, Steve has to keep his cool to keep Will’s heart going.

Down in Cornwall, paramedic Sarah Watson pulls on her leathers to answer the distressed call of a new mum. Baby Oliver, is floppy, unresponsive, and has a raging temperature. When Sarah arrives on scene will she be facing a case of deadly meningitis?

Back in Birmingham, experienced biker paramedic Mark Hayes is shocked when he arrives at a flat to find a woman lying unconscious amongst empty bottles, rotting food, and an overwhelming stench...



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