Series 5 - Episode 1

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This week, the biker paramedics in Cornwall are at full stretch. Rob Griffiths needs all his expertise to treat a young man on a stag weekend who may have broken his back or could even be paralysed. He has been fished out of the sea after ‘coasteering’, a daring sport which involves climbing steep cliff faces, crossing ravines and jumping into the sea.

The sport is regulated, but after jumping 28ft into the water he has damaged his back and is in agony.
Later, Rob is called to help a diabetic teenager on the first day of a family holiday. The lad has already been travel sick and is now on the verge of slipping into a coma.

Elsewhere, biker paramedic Iain Hooper attends a frightened young mum who has gone into labour three months prematurely. She has had problem pregnancies before and Iain knows that the best chance for her and her unborn baby is to get them to hospital as soon as possible. His next patient is a woman in excruciating pain. She slipped on some moss and may have fractured her hip.

Over in Essex the V Festival is in full swing. Thousands of music fans are flocking in, but it is not all peace and love as one young drunk is ejected from the site. A self-proclaimed ‘freeman of the land’, he refuses to give his name or any details. Biker cop Clem has his hands full. Meanwhile, biker Sergeant Nick scratches his head as he examines the strangest lorry load he has ever seen – a van, on a van, on a van!

The Yorkshire biker cops are just as busy. A routine patrol for Sean Grey quickly escalates into a high speed chase when a driver stopped for not wearing a seat belt takes off across country and tries to shake off the pursuit by going across fields and into woods. Sean is hot on his heels as a full-scale manhunt complete with helicopter ensues. Meanwhile, another driver not wearing his seat belt falls foul of biker cop Smithy. As Smithy finds one fault after another, the points mount up. The driver could find himself losing both his licence and his job.



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