Series 4 - Episode 3

The Birminghan Biker Paramedics

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Birmingham biker paramedic Steve Cooper battles to save a heroin addict after an overdose, while fellow paramedic Mark Hayes races to the scene of a crash as a van driver loses control outside a busy city centre station.

Meanwhile in North Yorkshire, biker cop Martin 'Smithy' Smith plays detective as he pieces together a mystery accident. A car has collided with two horse riders, sending them and their horses tumbling into a ditch. One horse is so badly hurt it might have to be put down...

In Cornwall, biker paramedic Iain Hooper races to help 12-year-old Joshua, a promising young rugby player who's been badly hurt in the middle of a game. While Josh's mother looks on anxiously, Iain tries to assess if Joshua’s neck is broken.

Back in Essex, a routine road side check leads to an unexpected chain of events for biker cop Steve Clements. After stopping a driver for using his mobile phone whilst driving, 'Clem' uncovers a trail of half-truths and lies which leads to a dawn house raid and a wanted man.



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    Armed officers pursue a van through the streets of York.

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    The squad's newest recruit battles to save a man with suspected cardiac arrest at a busy city-centre station.

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