Series 5 - Episode 2

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This week, Portsmouth biker paramedics Allan Norman and Robin Cruse are out and about in this congested city, which is heaving with tourists visiting the historic docks. An American visitor has just collected a hire car when he has a minor collision with a parked vehicle. There is nothing minor about his injuries, however, as he takes the brunt of the impact. Allan rushes to help.

Robin, meanwhile, is called out to a woman who could be in the early stages of a heart attack. He has to work quickly to investigate all possibilities. Two lads ambling along with no lights on their bicycles arouse the suspicion of North Yorkshire biker cop Sean. Why are they pushing girls’ bikes and why is one boy carrying an exhaust pipe from a moped? When Sean attempts to question them, one of the youths has to be man handled to the ground. When he is searched, drugs are discovered.

In Cornwall, biker paramedic Rob is on his way to attend a teenager who has been assaulted. Frightened and covered in blood, the young man is reluctant to be examined or questioned. Rob must calm him down and persuade him to go to hospital for urgent treatment. Fellow paramedic Iain, meanwhile, is called out to a 92-year-old woman who has slipped on her garden path. Her hip may be broken and she is in agony – the pain is almost too much to bear as Iain tries to manoeuvre her onto a stretcher.

In Essex, the biker cops are on an undercover mission, as a banned driver is reported to be driving himself to and from work. There are suspicions that he may be violent, so the police cannot take any chances. When they pull him over, will he go quietly?

North Yorkshire biker cop Smithy is called to the scene of the kind of accident that all bikers dread.
A car and a motorcycle have collided and the biker has been thrown from the saddle. How badly is he hurt? It is crucial that Smithy finds out exactly what happened.



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