Series 4 - Episode 4

Emergency Bikers

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Birmingham biker paramedic Mark Hayes races to an emergency on a city centre bus. A passenger has collapsed and is refusing to go to hospital. His heartbeat is worryingly weak and his blood pressure low; he could suffer a cardiac arrest. Can Mark persuade him to accept the treatment that could save his life?

On patrol in Essex, biker cop Lucy Watson’s routine roadside stop leads to a full-scale immigration investigation. What started out as a faulty brake light turns into something far from a routine enquiry.

In Cornwall, an emergency call comes in from a panicked driver whose passenger is in agony and struggling to breathe. Rushing to the scene, biker paramedic Iain Hooper has to get to the bottom of a mystery pain that has left the lady in agony, unable to speak.

Meanwhile in Yorkshire, a car has been dumped on a busy dual carriageway. The driver is nowhere to be seen. The obstruction is causing chaos, as passing traffic is forced to jump lanes to avoid colliding with the stationary vehicle. As a pile-up looks likely, biker cop Martin Smith rides to the rescue...



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