Series 4 - Episode 7

PC Lucy Watson

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Birmingham biker paramedic Steve Cooper rushes to help a dad with a young family who has been violently attacked at a city centre station. He is bleeding heavily and the deep gash to his head looks to have been caused by a heavy object. Steve has to work fast because the man could have suffered a fractured skull or worse, a bleed on the brain.

In Essex, biker cop Lucy Watson has her hands full with a Russian lorry driver who has crashed in a lay-by. On scene, Lucy finds the man is drunk and as they try to take him into custody he becomes argumentative. It is a dangerous situation, but Lucy is more than a match for this tricky customer...

Elsewhere, in Cornwall, Iain Hooper races through traffic to reach an elderly man who has collapsed at home. He is struggling to breathe; it could be anything froma chest infection to a serious heart condition. Iain needs to stabilise him fast.

Across the country in North Yorkshire, biker cop Smithy intercepts a suspect car and ends up going head to head with the driver. A routine call to the woman’s insurance company reveals she is not covered, but she will not be told!

Meanwhile back in Birmingham, Steve Cooper is in action again as he rushes to help a homeless woman who has collapsed in a city centre car park. Overnight, temperatures have plummeted to below zero and the woman could be suffering from hypothermia; a silent killer for rough sleepers. When fellow biker Mark Hayes arrives, they scout the area for other vulnerable people and discover a drugs den...



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