Series 4 - Episode 8

Episode 8

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In Birmingham, an English Defence League demonstration has the city in lockdown, but biker paramedic Mark Hayes must get through a police cordon to reach a protester suffering a suspected heart attack. Working one of his most demanding shifts yet, he then races to a suspected chemical leak along with the fire brigade. Hotel guests and staff have reported burning eyes and throats and Mark must be ready for the worst.

In Essex, it is a landmark day for biker cop Mel Warren. Six weeks after being knocked off her police bike she is back in the saddle, but this time on fellow biker cop Mick Wills’ favourite motorbike. Everything is going well until she pulls over a truck and the driver reverses into her. How will she tackle the driver and how will she explain the damage to Mick’s bike?

In North Yorkshire, biker cop Smithy reads the riot act to a young driver. He has already accumulated a hefty load of points on his licence and is terrified that his defective tyres will leave him with a ban. In Birmingham, biker paramedic Steve Harris answers an emergency call that takes him to a car collision involving two casualties. A hole has been punched right through the bodywork of one vehicle and the passenger seems to have taken the full force of the impact. His spine could be damaged and as Steve tries to transfer him to an ambulance, he is gripped by agonising pain. In Cornwall, biker paramedic Sarah Watson races to respond to a call from the worried family of a suspected stroke patient.



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