Emergency Bikers

Mark Hayes - Paramedic

The man they call 'Flymo' has been with the West Midlands Ambulance Service for 17 years.


By the time series 4 starts, Mark will  be 40 year old with 17 years service. His nickname is ‘Flymo’, which he earned whilst training to join the bike unit: he went into a bend a little too fast and trimmed the grass embankment!

The highlight of his career was joining the bike unit.

His most dramatic incident on the job was tending somebody who had been stabbed in the neck and was bleeding to death in front of him. The only way to stop the arterial bleed was to put his  finger in the hole in his neck and there it stayed until the surgeons took over. The victim was minutes from death and all else was failing. Thankfully he pulled through and Mark regularly see the patient in the city and he always says hello and thanks him for what Mark did that day.

Apart from motorbikes, Mark enjoys fishing and spending time with his family.

Unfortunately, Mark is currently bike-less! He sold his pride and joy recently. He would really like a BMR1200 GS next...