Emergency Bikers

Steve Harris - Paramedic

Nicknamed Forrest Grump, Steve has been with the ambulance service for 34 years.

Steve Harris

Steve turned 60 in December and joined the West Midlands Ambulance Service in 1978 - he's been with the team for 34 years.

He qualified as a paramedic in 1994 and then joined the bike unit in 1996. One of his most memorable moments was delivering twin babies to a mum who did not know she was expecting twins in the late 80s.

Steve is a big fan of Land Rovers and does a lot of off-road or green-lane driving. He also loves motorsport, F1 and MotoGP. In his spare time he plays golf.

Outside of work he currently owns a Honda Fireblade and an ex-paramedic Honda Pan European, but is looking to buy a BMW R1200GS...

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  • Steve

    7 months ago


    Hi Steve, great meeting you at the Walsall Police open day this afternoon. Thanks for "posing", you're a natural..! ;D

  • Angie

    7 months ago


    Hi Steve I'm a Volunteer Ambulance Officer in Western Australia with St John and i'd like to say i am a huge fan. You have a real hands on no nonsense approach with also that gentle side with the pt's you attend. It's a great learning curve for me giving me the tools needed to make myself a better VAO just by watching the show. It's great to see the difference between our equipment used here in oz compared to what you use in the uk and just how similar we operate in the way of helping the pt's. Massive shout out to you all in your team you guys are Awesome

  • jennifer styles

    9 months ago

    jennifer styles

    Steve you are amazing and very handsome. Me and my mum and auntie all fancy you. I wish you worked up here in Glasgow. BTW the Star of Life tattoo you got was great.

  • Neil

    10 months ago


    My daughter and I were lucky enough to meet Forrest and Flymo at Jumbo GB last year. Proper gentlemen the pair of them.

  • Andrew

    10 months ago


    Andrew, Hi Steve I have a request for you from my mother would it be possible to have a signed photo of you as it's her birthday on the 28th of june cheers Andrew

  • carol howard

    10 months ago

    carol howard

    steve you are my favorite too, so hansome,very friendly and brilliant at your job. hope to come to birmingham soon and see u on your bike. take care. x

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  • Edward Meyer

    12 months ago

    Edward Meyer

    HI Steve i ame in South-Africa and whant to thank you for what you done and you are a very helpfull man.I like the way you treated people i dont miss a second of an eposode and if imissed it i haved record it. thank you Jc

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  • Jacqueline

    1 year ago


    Hello Steve, I myself am a brummie who lives in Northumberland for the past 19 years. I and mum watch you every day withour fail. I wish we had paramedics like you up here where I live. Coming down to Birmingham this summer and hope to see you on the streets of Birmingham. Say hello to Mark from me. Doing a good job lads. Jacqueline

  • miranda

    1 year ago


    Hiya steve i think you and mark are wonderfull i even made a special journey into the city centre hopeing to see both of you but just saw mark i went into the coffee shop and said you both do a wonderfull job and a great programe thats very informative for people to come across these cases just to help out a little bit.oh and your both very handsome aswell keep up the good work your both gods deciples god bless you both xxxxxx

  • Lorene

    1 year ago


    Hey Steve We had a series of emergency bikers in Oz but it has now disappeared from Foxtel. I miss it heaps. Can u tell me how to Lobby to get it back on? Love you all.

  • Sylvia

    over 1 year ago


    Steve is my favourite. Saw him in Birmingham today and asked him for a picture with me. Lovely bloke on and off the tv. keep up the good work Steve xx

  • Tracey

    over 1 year ago


    we are from Australia and it was such a thrill to see you in new street, Birmingham today!!

  • Robert O'neill

    over 1 year ago

    Robert O'neill

    Hi Steve you may not remember me but it was a good few years ago now, I had a bad day with seizures a in the town centre while out with my wife. I have been trying to think of a way of thanking you and your team for your wonderful help and your words of encouragement to my wife on the day. I always look out for yourself or Mark when around the town: One day maybe. Thanks again for the great work you do.

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  • jayne

    over 1 year ago


    hi just wanted to say you all do amazing job i take my hat off to you, you have to put up with alot i would feel safe with all of you if ever i was in trouble i watch your show every week a Big thankyou to all of you

  • Max

    over 1 year ago


    Jodie. A person faking a seizure is a common presentation and it's obvious. Administering medications to these patients is dangerous. Real seizures always get treatment, promptly. Pseudo seizures usually are a manifestation of an underlying psychiatric phenomenon which is better treated. Seizure assessment is a complex process. Steve probably knows this patient well and for years.

  • Dave

    almost 2 years ago


    Steve your amazing and do a great job. Jodie get over your self, fancy righting that. Steves never even met you!!!!

  • Noah

    almost 2 years ago


    I met Steve in Birmingham today he was very nice and polite to me Noah age 8

  • debbie fletcher

    almost 2 years ago

    debbie fletcher

    love watching you every week, you do a amazing job & if ever I was in trouble I would feel safe with any of you guys x

  • Steve Harris

    almost 2 years ago

    Steve Harris

    Thank you everybody. And I am sorry to hear that Jodie. But some people to play on to get attention/

  • Jodie

    almost 2 years ago


    Just watched the episode where you went to a young male having convulsions for over 10 minutes and has them regularly, You stated he needs a psychiactric assesement because you think the fits are not real..because he is not epileptic. his heart rate was from 170-230 odd, in a normal rhythm but still very fast, dangerously high. I think that it is appalling that a medic jumps to conclusions with no concrete evidence, I only have a strong opinion on this matter as I myself have been in the situation of fainting and having convulsions and high heart rates that go into SVT often, at first medics (like yourself) said I was faking it or attention seeking to get out of school,college ect..7years later I got diagnosed with a serious heart condition, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, ehlers-danlos syndrome type 4 and the cause of the convulsions is due to failure of the autonomic nervous system causing many abnormalities to vital organs the heart goes into tachycardia the blood pools in the extremities and there is very little blood and oxygen flowing to the brain this causing convulsions and blackouts. I think it's vital that paramedics, doctors, nurses and all other medicals are up to date with illnesses like these, they are rare and because of this medics don't care nor do they want to learn about them they think its irrelevant. education is needed on a wider spectrum when it comes to situations like these and judgement's should be kept to ones self until a specialist opinion is sought. the work you guys do is amazing and hands down you save many lives, I just think that difficult cases or complex cases should never be watered down and called "fakers" this can ruin this persons faith in the system as it did mine and hundreds of other sufferers with these illnesses.

  • abbie

    almost 2 years ago


    U are amazing! I did c u in pret on New street this week but didn't want to intrude as u were enjoying a coffee :) work just over the road from pret so I will say hi next time x

  • Hannah

    almost 2 years ago


    You are amazing

  • Julie Walker

    almost 2 years ago

    Julie Walker

    Steve - you're my favourite EB! Hope to see lots more of you in the new series. Into Land Rovers AND motorbikes - my kind of guy!

  • Roberta

    almost 2 years ago


    Steve, love you loads thank you for finding time for a chat and picture.. your fantastic ! enjoying the new episodes too . :)

  • Elisha

    almost 2 years ago


    Steve is definitely my favourite and such a friendly bloke when you bump into him in town.