Extraordinary Dogs


Meet some of the canine stars of the show in our series gallery.

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  • Trisha

    3 years ago


    Great to have a serious programme about dogs for a change! A brilliant series.

  • Marika

    3 years ago


    I think the book will have more information. Also you can see the breed of Amos, the hairless dog that will be on Episode 4 in the info about the episode. He is actually a Chinese Crested Hairless crossed with a Bichon Frise but very little Bichon in him. He's my Hearing Dog!

  • Pinney

    3 years ago


    Can we get a list of the types of dogs and which dogs are shown in which episodes?

  • Mrs Warren

    3 years ago

    Mrs Warren

    Quite Fantastic - Dogs are amazing, looking forward to seeing them help in daily city life!