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Facing The World - About the charity

Facing the World, as featured in Extraordinary People, is a charity founded to offer life-changing treatment to children with severe facial disfigurement.

Facing The World - About the charity

While, in the West, children born with disfigurements often have access to excellent health care, surgeons and the counsellors needed to build their confidence, those in the developing world do not.

Facing the World, which has featured in two Extraordinary People documentaries (7 New Faces In 7 Days and Baby With A New Face), is a charity that was founded to offer life-changing treatment to children living with severe facial disfigurements in some of the poorest countries around the globe. It does this in four ways:

  • by bringing to the UK for surgery children with extremely severe conditions that cannot be treated locally;
  • by providing training to develop the capacity of local teams to undertake surgery;
  • by networking to find local treatment for those who do not need to come to the UK for treatment; and
  • by supporting families on their return in order to facilitate their life change.

For more information about Facing The World, its work and how you can support the charity, visit www.facingtheworld.net.

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