Extraordinary People

2010 - Octopus Man

Extraordinary People

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The story of Rudy Santos, a Filipino man who was born with three extra limbs attached to his abdomen. Once a star of mythical proportions, 55-year-old ‘Octopus Man’ Rudy Santos could command up to 20,000 pesos per night as the main attraction at a travelling freak show. Owing to comparisons with the god Shiva, Rudy became a national celebrity, with women lining up to be with him. Then, he disappeared. In hiding from tax officials, Rudy has not been seen for nearly a decade. But with his health in crisis, it could finally be time for Rudy to explore his mysterious condition. Could his rare condition be killing him?


  • 2010 - Tree Man: The Cure

    The story of Dede, the Indonesian fisherman afflicted with tree-like growths on his limbs.


  • 2012 - The Baby With A New Face

    The story of Viet, who was born with one of the world's rarest facial deformities, and his journey from Vietnam to the UK for potentially life-changing surgery.

  • 2012 - The Boy They Call Fish

    The story of Minh Anh, who suffers from a rare skin condition, and the Essex gran devoted to improving his life.

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  • shannon joseph

    11 months ago

    shannon joseph

    Iv watched a few extradanary people episodes an there jot extradanary for the way they look but for the way they behave no selfishness andnon judgemental it sickens me to think I was and sometimes still am apary of it all when these people learn to deal al of thess people deserve way more happyn3ss then anyone of us 'normal' people deserve we are all selfish taking simple things for granted ajd still complaining when we have nothing to complain about I donit myself so I'm inthe wrong to but really *!*!!!????!!!!????!!! do we need to be this selfish (coz that was jot the gucci bag I wanted ) no i5s perfetic and I wish I could traded my l7fe 20 times over if it meens givein these people everything they want in life

  • jemimah

    12 months ago


    its so sad

  • mohammed

    1 year ago



  • chloe

    1 year ago


    so sad

  • jennifer lopez

    over 1 year ago

    jennifer lopez

    these faces actially are scary but wre need to help them cause they are children and they neeed to live before is too late ...................