Extraordinary People

2011 - The Million Dollar Mind Reader

Extraordinary People

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Psychic Derek Ogilvie claims he can read the minds of infants who are too young to communicate verbally. Now he agrees to undergo a series of experiments to test the limits of his alleged abilities. He even faces the ultimate sceptic in the form of James Randi, an investigator who has offered $1 million to anyone who can provide evidence of the supernatural.



  • 2011 - The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes

    The story of Ben Underwood, who despite being blind is able to map a detailed mental plan of his surroundings.

  • 2011 - Electric Human

    The story of 40-year-old Jose, who claims to be able to conduct electricity through his body without any apparent ill effects.

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  • jason

    almost 2 years ago


    one of the first creaters of seances and the basis for modern Spiritualism was the fox sisters who went on to reveal it was all fake. pretty much all psychics will give you a fake reading if you create the person you want them to contact. psychics prey on emotional people. Randi has been offering the prize for about 20 years now and noone has ever got it. newbies fail and die hard fakes are too smart to try. Its nice to believe you can talk to the dead its just a shame noone can. a real "caring" psychic could claim it and use it to help people. seriously 20 years? to continue to choose to believe its real is sad. these con artists should be stopped

  • Lolly Little

    2 years ago

    Lolly Little

    Not sure I believe this. Theres no proof seeing as the children aren't old enough to speak or probably even walk. Pretty cool though to be honest. If you have moshi monsters add me - jellyjiggle01

  • RIo Jones

    over 2 years ago

    RIo Jones

    Yo Bladrin this is ickage woww love to have that man in my house any time want to nkwo what my brother thinking :D sickage