Extraordinary People

2010 - Tree Man: The Cure

Extraordinary People

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36-year-old fisherman Dede – better known as the ‘Tree Man’ – hopes to find a cure for the illness that has afflicted him for over ten years. Dede’s limbs are covered in horn-like growths and his skin is spotted with warts. His bizarre condition has left him unable to work and entirely dependent on his family. This edition revisits his story, with a doctor in America proposing a non-invasive treatment to cure Dede’s condition, but time is running out as medics in Indonesia press ahead with radical surgery.



  • 2010 - Octopus Man

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  • 2012 - The Baby With A New Face

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  • sophia

    1 year ago


    so sorry for them hope they find cure

  • Karen Desombre

    over 1 year ago

    Karen Desombre

    Could u confirm that Haley is still with us because there post on Facebook suggesting she has passed away. I'm sure it's some kind of cruel prank but some people think she has died. This would not be something I would like Hayley's family or friends to see.

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