Extraordinary People

2012 - The Girl With 90% Burns

The Girl With 90% Burns

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One of three exceptional young individuals to feature in a series of films marking the 10th year of Extraordinary People, this documentary follows the inspirational story of Terri Calvesbert and her incredible recovery from the house fire that left her with 90% burns and almost ended her life at just 22 months old.

Over the years, Terri and her father Paul have built a powerful bond which remains to this day. But as Terri grows up, both she and her father have to learn to adapt. We see Terri with her new boyfriend, as Paul nervously leaves them to their first unchaperoned date, and follow her on her solo trip to LA, where she meets other teenage burns survivors.

The programme also features the first ever TV interview with Terri's mother Julie, who accidentally started the fire. Julie talks about that terrible night, why when her daughter was a toddler she stopped seeing her, and how she feels now they are back in touch by text and phone.


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