Extraordinary People

2011 - The Woman Who Lost Her Face

The Woman Who Lost Her Face

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Two years ago Charla Nash was nearly mauled to death in a chimpanzee attack at the Connecticut home of her employer. Having been left disfigured beyond recognition, Charla's life was saved but would never be the same again: she was without lips, a nose, or skin on her face. She was also blind, missing one hand, and had only one finger left on the other.

Despite the best efforts of a team of specialists, Charla's disfigurement remained gruesome. Doctors decided on a risky but potentially life-transforming operation: a full face and hand transplant, using the latest medical advances.

Extraordinary People follows Charla’s progress from the attack through the months of recovery and the pioneering face transplant that gave her a chance of a new life. It features interviews with the daughter and brothers who have stood by her and the doctors who have treated her, and also contains a world exclusive: the first interview with Charla since the face transplant took place.


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