Extraordinary People

2011 - The Woman Who Lost Her Face

The Woman Who Lost Her Face

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Two years ago Charla Nash was nearly mauled to death in a chimpanzee attack at the Connecticut home of her employer. Having been left disfigured beyond recognition, Charla's life was saved but would never be the same again: she was without lips, a nose, or skin on her face. She was also blind, missing one hand, and had only one finger left on the other.

Despite the best efforts of a team of specialists, Charla's disfigurement remained gruesome. Doctors decided on a risky but potentially life-transforming operation: a full face and hand transplant, using the latest medical advances.

Extraordinary People follows Charla’s progress from the attack through the months of recovery and the pioneering face transplant that gave her a chance of a new life. It features interviews with the daughter and brothers who have stood by her and the doctors who have treated her, and also contains a world exclusive: the first interview with Charla since the face transplant took place.


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  • Emily Goodsell

    1 year ago

    Emily Goodsell

    She is so brave and the chimp deserved getting stabbed x2 and shot x3 by the police. She is an insperation. Xxx

  • R.Long

    1 year ago


    Hope they destroyed the chimp. People shouldnt be allowed to keep dangerous animals. Does anyone know what happened to the chimp?

  • angela amesbury

    1 year ago

    angela amesbury

    surgeons were marvelous,her courage encouraged the medic s ,, all the medical team were brilliant , such a sad story

  • angela amesbury

    1 year ago

    angela amesbury

    i watched this with tears in my eyes, what a brave woman, such an inspiration, she never moaned once throughout all her surgeries an delayed transplants, a wonderful woman xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jan Brown

    1 year ago

    Jan Brown

    I am so sorry to have missed this programme, especially as it wasn't even listed in the Radio Times Please do all you can to show a repeat when you can.

  • danielle

    1 year ago


    where can i watch this episode? searched everywhere!!!

  • Paul

    1 year ago


    A amazing story & a amazing woman God bless her

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  • rehana

    almost 2 years ago


    She is right you know, God has kept her on earth for a reason. She has an amazing attitude and strength of character. This is another test in her life and i think she is passing it with flying colours. I wish you health and happiness. x

  • kiz

    almost 2 years ago


    The face transplant is incredible!

  • Leah

    almost 2 years ago


    It's amazing she even survived the attack. What a brave brave woman. God bless those doctors, her family, everyone. What an ordeal to go through.

  • helena

    almost 2 years ago


    i am just wondering, is anyone curious about the chimpanzee? i mean, why that woman had it in the first place? this would not have to happen if people would stop taking freedom from animals...

  • Chloe

    almost 2 years ago


    well done charla i hope that things are still going well for you god bless and you are very brave and beatiful xxxx

  • sabah Mahmood

    2 years ago

    sabah Mahmood

    We should be happy with ourselves and stop judging others on how they look. As you can see she may not have been the prettiest ladie afterwards but she has been through a lot as you know pretty ladies havent! Well done Charla xx

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  • becca

    2 years ago


    im so glad she is on the road to recovery! such a genuine lovely women, she didn't deserve this grief!

  • beth

    2 years ago


    Poor woman im so glad they helped you god bless for the future and well done to the doctors for helping you.Charla you are a fighter well done xxx

  • Emmy

    over 2 years ago


    Poor, poor woman to go through such an ordeal. But through it all she remained brave and fought to get on with her life. Charla you are a true insperation

  • Emma Davies

    over 2 years ago

    Emma Davies

    That poor woman! I'm so glad that they managed to help her. God bless those doctors!

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  • Charlie

    over 2 years ago


    Well done, Charlie. You are so so brave! It goes to show how strong people can be when they need to be. Keep smiling, gorgeous! =)

  • teddy Kahtan

    over 2 years ago

    teddy Kahtan

    About 24 minutes into the programme, it mentions that something happened in December 2011............well as yet, we haven't entered December 2011