Extraordinary People

  • The Real Sleeping Beauty

    The story of Sarah Scantlin, who amazed doctors when she awoke after a 20-year coma.

  • The Million Dollar Mind Reader

    The story of Derek Ogilvie, who claims he can read the minds of infants who are too young to communicate verbally.

  • The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes

    The story of Ben Underwood, who despite being blind is able to map a detailed mental plan of his surroundings.

  • Electric Human

    The story of 40-year-old Jose, who claims to be able to conduct electricity through his body without any apparent ill effects.

  • The Woman Who Lost Her Face

    The shocking, moving and inspirational story of Charla Nash – the American woman nearly mauled to death in a chimpanzee attack two years ago.

  • Hayley - World's Oldest Teenager

    This instalment follows Hayley, a teenager afflicted by the ageing condition Progeria, as she writes her autobiography.

  • The Eight-Limbed Boy

    This film follows the case of 6-year-old Deepak.

  • The World's Strongest Toddler

    Documentary following three-year-old Liam Hoekstra, who has 40 per cent more muscle than the average toddler.

  • Losing One of My Giant Legs

    Mandy Sellars tells the story of her unusual condition.

  • The Rainman Twins

    Documentary about a pair of savant twins.

  • The World's Smallest Muscleman

    Profile of the world's smallest bodybuilder, Aditya Dev.

  • Growing Up Without A Face

    The story of five-year-old Juliana Wetmore, who suffers from an extreme condition called Treacher Collins syndrome.

  • The Woman With Giant Legs

    Mandy Sellars suffers from Proteus syndrome, a rare disease most commonly associated with Joseph Merrick.

  • The Man Who Shared His Liver

    The story of Darren who gave part of his liver to his mum Christina.