• Episode 12

    In California, Robson wrestles with a shark.

  • Episode 11: Florida

    Robson lands in Florida, where he challenges himself to catch an aggressive bull shark.

  • Episode 10: India and the Maldives

    Robson runs into difficulties in India and the Maldives.

  • Episode 9: Panama

    Robson visits the Central American fishing utopia of Panama.

  • Episode 8: Japan

    Robson Green heads to Japan, where he attempts to catch the poisonous fugu.

  • Episode 7: Cuba

    Robson's fishing world tour takes him to the Caribbean island of Cuba.

  • Episode 6: West Africa

    Robson casts his net wide and heads to Guinea-Bissau and Senegal in west Africa.

  • Episode 5: Brazil

    Robson fishes for deadly piranhas and sets out to catch the world's biggest freshwater fish...

  • Episode 4: Sri Lanka

    Fishing adventure show with Robson Green. Robson visits Sri Lanka and attempts to catch the mighty mahseer.

  • Episode 3: China

    Fishing adventure show with Robson Green. Robson travels to China, where he encounters the revered big-headed carp in Qiandao and eats his own octopus catch in Xiu Shan.

  • Episode 2: Kenya

    Fishing adventure show with Robson Green. Robson heads to the east coast of Kenya, where the Indian Ocean offers some of the best game fishing in the world.

  • Episode 1: Zimbabwe

    The fishing adventure show with Robson Green. The journey begins in southern Africa, where Robson seeks the legendary vundu catfish at Lake Kariba.