Series 3 - Episode 7: Cuba

Episode 7: Cuba

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Robson starts his Cuban adventure in Havana, where he elects to stay in the famous Nacional Hotel – past host to such legends as Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth and Ant and Dec. His first fishing expedition of the trip takes him to the Malecón, an esplanade stretching alongside the city's coastline. Joining a number of locals fishing for their dinner, Robson clambers onto the sea wall and casts his line – but is soon hit with the first of many waves. "This is like fishing in a washing machine!" he cries.

Having landed just a solitary sardine from the Malecón, Robson moves on to the watery wilderness that makes up much of Cuba. An hour’s drive south-east takes him to the Rio Hatiguanico, one of the country’s biggest rivers, where he hopes to catch the elusive tarpon. Renowned for their ability to jump high out of the water, these fish are notoriously tough to land. To increase his chances of success, Robson hooks up with local guides Lazaro and Philippe and journeys up river.

Before long, Robson gets his first tarpon bite. True to form, however, the slippery fish shakes free of the hook. The Geordie tries again, but the same things happens. "Just how many tarpon am I going to hook and lose today?" he asks. "This is torture!"

In fact, Robson manages to miss a tarpon some twelve times, before eventually taking on the advice of his guides and mastering the art. When he finally brings in his quarry, he is elated. “How about that for a beautiful-looking fish!” he exclaims. The experts are pleased for their guest’s success, but clearly less impressed with his histrionics. "What a drama queen!" observes Philippe.

After another drive through the beautiful Cuban countryside, Robson arrives at his next angling destination – the remote island of Cayo Romano at the north-east of the country. Sparsely populated and rarely fished, these waters offer excellent angling opportunities. Robson’s prey on this occasion is the fast and elusive bone fish. With expert guide Eddie Valdez by his side, it is not long before Robson catches his first glimpse of the bone fish.

Owing to the animal’s sensitivity to noise, the anglers turn off the boat’s engine and step out into the shallow waters. Robson gets his first bite, but is unprepared for the fish’s incredible speed. It
races away, taking all of Robson’s line with it. "I've never known anything like this," he says. "That fish went off like a torpedo!" Armed with a bigger reel, the Geordie lad tries again, and this time is ready for the fight. After a ten-minute struggle, Robson brings in his first bone fish. "Now I know why every angler in the world talks about this species," he reflects.

Having landed some impressive game fish, Robson’s next expedition is all about food. He hooks up with a pair of local fishermen at Trinidad marina and heads out to a nearby reef. Owing to the strict control of boats in this area, the seas are reported to be very rich with fish. Just minutes into the trip, Robson learns that the rumours are true. He lands a large barracuda, then pulls in another four within minutes. "Blimey, that didn’t take long!" he says. To vary his catch, he then changes tactics – and has soon netted a colourful grouper. "That is the best-tasting fish in Cuba!" he enthuses.

Back on dry land, Robson enjoys the fruits of his labour, settling down to a large dinner of fish and chips – Cuban style – in a pretty town square. But he will need to make the most of the peace and quiet, since the following day brings with it the toughest challenge of the trip. Before returning to Blighty, Robson intends to catch a true colossus of the Cuban seas – the giant tarpon.



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  • TonyV

    2 years ago


    Brilliant series again....would you like someone to carry your bags next year...Please!!!

  • sam manchester

    almost 3 years ago

    sam manchester

    fantastic show more of the same please!

  • fiona manchester

    almost 3 years ago

    fiona manchester

    I am 43 mother of 5 and I LOVE this programme!!! Its better than a pie. FANTASTICOL I have taped over kids films for you. I just can't wait for the next episode.

  • This comment was removed by a moderator


    over 3 years ago


    love the show as love my fish but robson does take the mik out of the gordie culture the blokes a big girls blouse and he knaz it n all!av seen me da pull a huge dog fish up a massive scottish jettie with his bear hands(pouring of blood)when his reel shattered then let it go as thats the sport, hmm wonder if wor robbo would have ..or just got one of his croneys to do it??propper sea dog gordies are hard as rocks!!

  • john

    over 3 years ago


    robson you are a fantastic fisherman you put a smile on all our faces

  • david rogers

    over 3 years ago

    david rogers

    robson is a fantastic watch ,thanks robson,bonnie,lad

  • lloyd gregory fox

    over 3 years ago

    lloyd gregory fox

    he is the best of anglers not like im in england side i should have his programme

  • scouse

    over 3 years ago


    caught a "cuda" just off turqesa cuba awsome experience

  • Matt Hayes's biggest fan

    over 3 years ago

    Matt Hayes's biggest fan

    Alex. Don't hate on Matt Hayes.

  • jimmyboy

    over 3 years ago


    top programme when catching fish show as your rod and reel set up type of reel ,rod and hooks to give us novices some tips

  • alex

    over 3 years ago


    this is a good show. it may not be every ones knd of fishing but it brings fishing in general to the attention of non fishermen. im a carp fisherman and enjoy this show massively/ His passion for catching, nature and food is incredible. I want his job :)he is who he is and its nice not to see someone saying something is good just because they get it free (ie every famous carp angler)

  • james

    over 3 years ago


    good fish but has no rythm at all

  • Snowy

    over 3 years ago


    ola Robinson,you always bring smile(Cuba)episode apsolutly brilliant,real show to watch any time all over again.rob you know how to do it.No everyone will be so charming and funny with that kind of show-THANK YOU

  • sparks

    over 3 years ago


    love the fishing robson ur a lucky guy but a real moaner

  • Becky

    over 3 years ago


    Robson doing the lawnmower was brilliant had me in stitches. Please say someone else found this amusing. His humour is fantastic lol.

  • jord

    over 3 years ago


    i love this programme but i hate watching the really long intro at the start :]

  • Robson A

    over 3 years ago

    Robson A

    What a legend love the show!!!!!!!

  • chris

    over 3 years ago


    fantastic program watch over and over again......big catch fish,can get better than that......what a beauty...


    over 3 years ago


    wasn`t interested in fishing till i watched robson ABSOLUTLY BRILL!!!

  • scottytohottie

    over 3 years ago


    great program,...wicked!!!!

  • Matt Harvey

    over 3 years ago

    Matt Harvey

    Deary me - Robson please get it right it's trolling when you are pulling lures behind a boat. Trawling is done with nets. And stop jerking your rod round from side to side when you have a fish on, that's a good way to lose a fish. Aside from that, nice insight to Cuban fishing and culture.

  • Miles

    over 3 years ago


    Pretty much the best episode ever! Apart from maybe the manta ray episode. Had everything! From Robson's terrible jokes, dancing and completely inappropriate chat-up lines to one of the best fish he's caught yet! Good to see the rod and line being used more this series - too :) Keep it up, Robson...but it'll be a hard episode to match next week!

  • Silly Carper

    over 3 years ago

    Silly Carper

    I agree with the England trip! Some extreme large water carp fishing (I'm thinking The Monument...Oxford Linear etc?). Anywhere where we are looking at 50lb+ fish. That's extreme for England, Robson! You know it makes sense, Rodders!

  • Guy

    over 3 years ago


    Superb programme, supemely enthusiastic Robson Green. That's what fishing's all about.


    over 3 years ago



  • Anonymous

    over 3 years ago


    shame, love the fishin but cant stand the carry on.!

  • Pinko

    over 3 years ago


    1st classssss

  • graham n

    over 3 years ago

    graham n

    dont like swearing shouting dont know any anglers like this, but he gets fishing on the tv great

  • phil

    over 3 years ago


    robson makes a fishing programme into the best fishing programme thats ever been on tv , hes brilliant and the prrogramme is also , keep em coming , first class tv .robson is an excellent presenter .

  • robson green

    over 3 years ago

    robson green

    i want to catch a fish that size cant wait till next episode

  • Anonymous

    over 3 years ago


    cracking programe

  • Fisherman's Friend Mike

    over 3 years ago

    Fisherman's Friend Mike

    mmm...fisherman's friends

  • geoff

    over 3 years ago


    so much enthusiasm ,the joy and shear pleasure cannot be hidden

  • martin

    over 3 years ago


    love robson green but england should be added to the world tour

  • lenny

    over 3 years ago


    cant use a rod and reel to save his life

  • andy

    over 3 years ago


    some quality fish

  • lee

    over 3 years ago


    love robson and love extreme fishing great show hope there's lots more to come.

  • Amanda

    over 3 years ago


    Fantastic programme which has enhanced my interest in all aspects of fishing and worlwide cultures.

  • graham

    over 3 years ago


    love this stuff