Fairground Attractions

Series 1 - Episode 6

Fairground Attractions

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The season is coming to an end and the country’s showmen are on the last push to make what money they can before winter closes in.

Abie Danter is up in Hull and all is going well until his multi-million pound Air ride breaks down, which could put himout of business for weeks.

It is carnival time in Stourport-on-Severn and the Danter family are ready to take advantage of the crowds. But once again things do not quite go to plan, whether it is dodgems breaking down or drunks in the Arcade, Henry Danter’s showmanship is tested to the limit. We also meet three generations of the Messham family, including young daredevil Jake. The family have been riding motorbikes around their Wall of Death for over 80 years and as the season ends they gamble by taking their ride all the way over to Dublin. As they say, “If it doesn’t go well, Christmas will have to be cancelled”.

Meanwhile, Joby Carter has come up with a new attraction designed to earn some money over the winter – a Victorian themed roller disco. His workers might think it is one madcap scheme too far – but Joby is not going to let that, or the fact the Victorians did not of course have roller discos, put him off!

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