Fat For Cash

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Fat for Cash is the eye-opening story of women who, far from counting calories, count the cash from selling their size to men who adore women built on a grand scale.

Forget dieting – these women are fat and proud. The secret world of overweight entrepreneurs is revealed as we meet three women determined to make their fortunes by flaunting what they've got. Jen from Boston weighs 30 stone. She is a dedicated weight gainer, deliberately piling on the pounds in order to bring in the dollars. She regularly posts video clips online of her stepping on to weighing scales and straining to get a measuring tape around her thighs, and internet-based fat enthusiasts are more than happy to buy.

Big Jen also sells 'squashing' films, in which she records herself lowering her bulk on to a man's chest as he lies on her specially reinforced bed. It makes him happy and it makes her money.

Former supersized model Sammee has identified a business opportunity – big girls pole dancing for dollars. Sammee is promoting an alternative club night in Las Vegas called Thick Sundaes. It is a night for big, beautiful women to strut their ample stuff and get paid by a crowd of appreciative men.

Christina's 40-stone frame means that she is almost immobile – but she too is capitalising on her bulk. Some men believe that Christina has the perfect figure and they will pay to watch her over the web. Now this mum-of-three is taking her business venture a step further with her own subscription website, for which we see her posing topless in a paddling pool.

Despite inviting potentially serious health issues, these women are proud of their pounds. Fat for Cash explores how these women are sexually and financially empowered, and finds out that as their weight rises, so does their bank balance.