Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Series 1 - Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

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Overweight Joe Cross trades in his junk food diet and sets off on a US road trip with a juicer and generator in tow, vowing to drink only fresh fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days. In Arizona, he meets a morbidly obese truck driver suffering from the same rare autoimmune condition as him, and inspires the man to begin his own journey to better health.

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  • Paula

    10 months ago


    Paula How many shakes a day,and does it matter what fruit and veg you use, how many days can you do this for then how do you maintain this weight. I have been on diets since age twelve 44 now and just about to give up trying my life has been on hold the entire time never felt young because of my size. will start this plan as soon as I can this program was inspiring

  • Bob

    10 months ago


    If you like this then you must watch Forks Over Knives, google it, it's really inspiring!!

  • selam tesfa

    10 months ago

    selam tesfa

    i love it, i am overweight and thinking what to do, this is it, thank you channel 5 for showing this kind of documentary. i wanted to watch it agine but it is not available yet, hope soon will be available

  • david

    10 months ago


    can the juice be frozen for use at a later date?

  • Helen

    10 months ago


    Hi, would this diet be ok for a diabetic? thanks

  • Don

    10 months ago


    Recipe: How to make Joe's Mean Green juice Prep Time: 5 minutes Total Time: 10 minutes Serving Size: 16oz. (500 mls) Ingredients 1 cucumber 4 celery stalks 2 apples 6-8 leaves kale (Australian tuscan cabbage) 1/2 lemon 1 tbsp ginger Directions Wash all produce well Peel the lemon, optional Juice Pour over ice Enjoy!

  • Brian

    10 months ago


    Very interesting. Are remains of the juiced fruit and vegetables edible as part of the diet I wonder?

  • Iain

    10 months ago


    Missed the show, dammit! I'm now 23st1lb and have lost over 6st this year so was seriously interested to see it. It's not available to view On Demand yet but I really hope it will be asap! The website is http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/ Also Google Joe Cross and there's a good few relevant links, recipe sites, the juicer, etc, & Joe too.

  • Karl

    10 months ago


    Well done to you both, where can you find the recipes for the drinks

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  • Michaela

    10 months ago


    This was fantastic, well done to you both, such inspirations and seeing you at the end playing with your son and jogging bought tears to my eyes and they were happy tears.

  • paul carter

    10 months ago

    paul carter

    fanstatic .. taken the boot off and put a clog on so i can kick my arse into shape is there a web site with the do`s and dont`s highly impressed by the both of you

  • angie steedman

    10 months ago

    angie steedman

    What are the recipes for the juices? Fantastic programme so inspiring!

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  • Andrew McGilp

    10 months ago

    Andrew McGilp

    How often do you have to take a shake each day?

  • Debbie

    10 months ago


    cud u tell me the name of the disease u suffered frm joe? was in tears watching ur programme so inspiring,, my husband is over weight and i believe he is too ashamed to even start exercising i wish he had atched ur programme but i guess he in denial and thinks its me nagging. i dont nag cos i know it wud hurt him but id love him to get help. any tips?

  • Margaret Fisher

    10 months ago

    Margaret Fisher

    A very interesting programme. I tried a similar diet 30 years ago and managed to keep my weight down for quite a long time, until I had a bereavement which affected me very badly. Since then I have gradually put on weight until, at 61, I had almost given up ever being a 'normal' weight again. This programme has given me new hope and I am looking forward to trying it for myself. Can't wait for the next instalment. Thanks Channel 5.

  • JonJon

    10 months ago


    I think we all found this programme interesting, if you did you should look up Max Gerson who was pilloried more than 50 years ago by the american medical profession for his ideas about diet.

  • Paul Freeland

    10 months ago

    Paul Freeland

    Well done guys! I lost 80lbs in about 1 year, BMI now about 24 (thats classified as NORMAL!) I did it by eating low GI foods as I was diagnosed asc type 2 diabetic and LOTS and LOTS of hard exercise. feel great now. Never going back to feeling lousy and tired all the time,

  • polly

    10 months ago


    OMG I'll give this a go at weekends, If only I could give up work and do this for a month or two, but then I've got a mortgage and bills to pay :-(

  • natasha

    10 months ago


    hello so how do we do this drink .. like how many shakes aday and what to put into it please

  • Cheryl

    10 months ago


    WOW, I am so impressed, what a fantastic programme ! I want to learn more !

  • Caroline

    10 months ago


    very interesting and inspiring. well done 2 both the guys. :-). xx

  • fatti keef

    10 months ago

    fatti keef

    I want to know exactly what is going into his shake?

  • Gareth clark

    10 months ago

    Gareth clark

    Wow i weigh less much and going to try and do this hope it works.

  • Gail

    10 months ago


    This programme is so interesting and informative. Clear out all of the crap from your diet and see how different you feel. I am on a high fibre diet for a month and I feel so different already, I am certainly sleeping better and I am losing weight although classed as overweight I am only a size 16 on the way to a size 14. I cook everything from scratch eat 3 lots of fruit and w2 lots or more everyday and drink 2 litres or more of water a day. I also bought a juicer and have that once a day. Basically I have more fruit and veg in a day than anything else and I feel an amazing difference so this programme is so relevant you everyone as the man is speaking the trutth,we should all cleanse our system from time to time.

  • Rose Rivendale

    10 months ago

    Rose Rivendale

    Probably the best programme I have ever watched

  • geri

    10 months ago


    Can we watch this online from Ireland?

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