• Chance

    A man must deal with his evil doppelganger.

  • Echoes

    A student rents out a large and spooky house.

  • Something with Bite

    A vet is bitten by a strange, dying creature.

  • Community

    A young couple move to a strange gated community.

  • Eater

    A rookie cop takes a cannibal serial killer into custody.

  • New Year's Day

    A woman awakes to find that the world is filled with zombies.

  • Family Man

    A man tries to stop a serial killer from adding his wife and kids to his long list of victims.

  • Spooked

    A former police officer's past comes back to haunt him.

  • Spirit Box

    Two school friends receive a message from beyond the grave.

  • The Circle

    A writer becomes the subject of a devilish story.

  • Skin and Bones

    A rancher is possessed by an evil spirit.

  • In Sickness and in Health

    A bride is told she might be marrying a serial killer.

  • The Sacrifice

    Four criminals find secrets, dangers and three alluring sirens in an old fort.