Series 1 - Episode 34: Fiddlesticks Fifi

Fifi and The Flowertots

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Fifi is concerned when Bumble does not return after going to look for a spade, but the flowertots soon hear some peculiar noises.

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  • Series 1 - Episode 35: Fifi's Good Turn

    Aunt Tulip is giving a prize for the best garden. Stingo and Slugsy trick Fifi into tidying up theirs but will Fifi have time to tidy her own?


  • Series 1 - Episode 33: Soup Of The Day

    Fifi's plans to make soup are sidelined when Primrose takes over. Primrose's recipe for pea soup, though, requires some very specific ingredients.

  • Series 1 - Episode 32: Fifi's Scarecrow

    Fifi tries to build a scarecrow to frighten away the butterflies which keep eating her vegetables. But when it fails to scare them off, Primrose steps in.

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