• Episode 52: Stingo Has Visitors

    When Stingo's treehouse is invaded by ants, Fifi allows Stingo and Slugsy to stay with her. But Fifi decides to get rid of the ants as quickly as possible.

  • Episode 51: Grubby Ahoy

    Grubby gets stuck on Aunt Tulip's boat. Who will stop him from floating away?

  • Episode 50: Pip And The Wizard

    Stingo and Slugsy put on a magic show, but will somebody discover that they are frauds?

  • Episode 49: Snowtime For Pip

    Winter-loving Pip is desperate to play outside in the snow. There's just one problem - there is no snow! Can Fifi help?

  • Episode 48: Big Blueberry Hunt

    Fifi and Bumble go into the bush to pick some blueberries, but are shocked to discover that they have all vanished. Who is behind this fruity disappearance?

  • Episode 47: Poppy's Great Race

    As the contestants get ready for the annual Flowertot Race, Poppy is reluctant to enter because she always loses her way.

  • Episode 46: Pineapple Palace Panic

    Fifi forgets that she is supposed to be babysitting Grubby. Stingo and Slugsy decide to do it for her, with disastrous results.

  • Episode 45: My Fair Bumble

    Bumble is invited for tea at Aunt Tulip's, but he is worried that his manners are not up to scratch, so the other tots try to help him out.

  • Episode 44: Stingo Cleans Up

    When Diggly is annoyed at the number of unwanted items left near his compost heap, Stingo decides to tidy up by 'reselling' some of his belongings.

  • Episode 43: Mystery In Flowertot Garden

    Somebody has been going through the bins in Flowertot Garden. The tots turn detective to see if they can unearth the culprit.

  • Episode 42: Fifi's Snowy Fun

    All of the tots have fun playing in Flowertot Garden when it gets covered in snow, but Primrose worries that she will get dirty if she joins in.

  • Episode 41: Lovelorn Slugsy

    Stingo's cousin Hornetto lends Slugsy a helping hand when his attempts to court Primrose fall flat. But should Slugsy really accept Hornetto's help?

  • Episode 40: Fly High Primrose

    Fifi, Bumble and Violet go blackberry picking, but can they get them all before the wind knocks them all onto the ground?

  • Episode 39: Fifi's Happy Day

    When Primrose throws a party for Fifi, even Stingo and Slugsy decide to help out by baking a cake.

  • Episode 38: The Flowertot Taxi

    Stingo enlists Slugsy when he sets up his own slug powered taxi service, and is certain the endeavour will be a success. But Slugsy struggles with his new job.

  • Episode 37: Slugsy Won't Slide

    The tots attempt to help Slugsy fight his fear after it transpires he has put too much slime on his slide and is scared of falling off.

  • Episode 36: Wasps

    Stingo is feeling down so the tots decide to organise a special 'wasp' surprise for him.

  • Episode 35: Just One Hornetto

    Stingo's cousin Hornetto charms all the tots when he comes to visit, so Stingo and Slugsy decide he must not stay permanently.

  • Episode 34: Storm

    It is a windy day and Fifi's washing has blown away. Poppy offers to find it, but gets caught in the storm.

  • Episode 33: Aunt Tulip's Carnival

    Aunt Tulip masterminds a Caribbean-themed carnival, which all of the tots are excited to be a part of.

  • Episode 32: Pip's Pony

    Pip wants a pony - until Fifi points out the silver horse made out of stars in the night sky.

  • Episode 31: Fifi's Pancake Fun

    Fifi and Pip are making pancakes but every time they flip one it disappears. Where could they be going?

  • Episode 30: Stingo's Enormous Carrot

    Pip is trying to grow vegetables but they don't seem to get any bigger. However, Stingo's vegetable patch next door appears to be doing well.

  • Episode 29: Runaway Mo

    Stingo takes Mo for a spin without asking Fifi first, and the tots must step in when the runaway mower goes out of control.

  • Episode 28: Pip And The Genie

    Stingo tricks Pip into believing that he has a magic lamp, and says he'll give it to Pip if he does Fifi's jobs for him.

  • Episode 27: Fifi's Filmshow

    Fifi has decided to film an average day in the Flowertot garden, but everybody starts acting strangely as soon as the camera appears.

  • Episode 26: Dingaling Poppy

    The Tots help Poppy learn how to ride her new trike safely.

  • Episode 25: Fifi's Busy Day

    Fifi has been so busy helping everybody else that she has not had time to tidy her garden. Bumble asks the other Tots to help him tidy it as a surprise.

  • Episode 24: Inspector Stingo

    Fifi's trowel has gone missing. Stingo launches an investigation to find the culprit.

  • Episode 23: Rockabye Stingo

    Fifi has lost Cottonsocks, her beloved toy rabbit. Could Stingo be involved?

  • Episode 22: Pumpkin Pie For Diggly

    Diggly is bored of the same scraps every day, so Fifi and Bumble decide to make him a pumpkin pie. But there's no flour left!

  • Episode 21: Violet's Flower Festival

    Violet is organising a flower festival, but she is so busy helping the other tots with their blooms she has neglected hers.

  • Episode 20: Stingo's Bridge

    Webby has told Pip the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Soon a troll takes up residence under the bridge in the garden and demands food.

  • Episode 19: Slugsy's Song

    Slugsy has found something really special. Primrose is surprised by what she sees!

  • Episode 18: Make Room For Fifi

    There is a horrid smell in Fifi's garden. What could be causing it?

  • Episode 17: Dr Webby

    Bumble's sneezing has got so bad that it is keeping everyone awake at night.

  • Episode 16: Primrose Loses It

    Primrose is inconsolable after breaking her new necklace and losing the beads.

  • Episode 15: Pirate Primrose

    The tots are playing at pirates - except Primrose, who is being a princess, naturally. But which tot has the best pirating skills when they are needed?

  • Episode 14: Fifi Miss Me Not

    Bumble goes on a pollen-collecting expedition and wishes Fifi were with him.

  • Episode 13: Bumble's Special Lunch

    Fifi has invited the other Tots over for lunch but she is not very well. Bumble gamely offers to cook for her. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Episode 12: Shrinking Pip

    Pip hasn't grown much since he was last measured. How can he grow into a big strong gooseberry?

  • Episode 11: Stingo's Naughty Day

    Stingo is bored and plays all manner of naughty tricks on the other Tots. Fifi eaches Stingo that he will have more fun if isn't mean to everyone.

  • Episode 10: Mud Sculptures

    It has been raining and the garden is muddy. The Tots decide to make mud sculptures. But what will they all do with the sculptures when they are finished?

  • Episode 3: Count On Fifi

    Fifi and Bumble worry when they accidentally lose a pot of Poppy's honey.

  • Episode 9: Pip's Playground

    Pip is feeling bored and wants something new to play. Fifi asks all the Tots to help her build a playground for Pip as a surprise.

  • Episode 8: Diggly's Big Adventure

    Diggly grows bored of the compost heap, so Fifi gives him a guided tour of the garden.

  • Episode 7: My Friend Fifi

    An argument ensues when Fifi fails to attend a picnic which Bumble had planned for them. Can Bumble find a way of forgiving Fifi?

  • Episode 6: Hide n Seek

    The prize in a game of hide and seek is some jam tarts made by Fifi, but who will win?

  • Episode 2: Bumble's Afraid Of The Dark

    Primrose and Violet are having a sleepover and try to help Bumble overcome his fear of the dark.

  • Episode 1: Compost Chaos

    How will Primrose make her garden grow? She turns to Fifi for assistance.

  • Episode 5: King Stingo

    After Stingo finds the missing Grubby, he suggests that he should be made King as a reward.

  • Episode 4: Poppy The Line Dancing Queen

    Poppy decides to throw a party, but is upset that none of her friends know how to line dance.