Fighters' Wives: The World of MMA

Fighters' Wives: The World of MMA

Fighters' Wives: The World of MMA

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This film takes a close look at what goes on between the cage-fighters and their wives and witnesses the extremes that these women will go to in order to make their relationships work.

Among those featured are Sarah, an educated, well-spoken young woman who risked her relationship with her family for her Cockney cage fighting boyfriend Brad, and Maria, wife of bad boy Colin, who has no idea what goes on behind the closed doors of her husband’s rigorous training schedule yet continues to support him.

Then there are wives who like to get involved, like Maeve. While her husband is in the ring, she is stitching up the wounds of the injured. Somehow she manages to cope with the worry of what is happening to her husband with the responsibility of caring for the health of the athletes.

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  • Cub Swanson

    11 months ago

    Cub Swanson

    The portsmouth girls add glamour? Maybe if you find a pot belly and a cellulite arse glamourous. She is a minger.

  • denesha

    1 year ago


    omg i love is lol x but so sad at the end tho i think i am goingto cry

  • Edu Kanaan

    1 year ago

    Edu Kanaan

    Is there any way I can watch this in Brazil? Thank you!

  • George Cooper Trooper (not really)

    1 year ago

    George Cooper Trooper (not really)

    Hi Paul (if thats you) from all red high survivors!

  • Paul Mcveigh

    1 year ago

    Paul Mcveigh

    Sue Aroo. You didnt even watch it did you?

  • katie Best

    1 year ago

    katie Best

    Sue Arroo...not the brightest?! one is a doctor, one is an engineer and the one achieved a first degree in English?

  • Sue Aroo

    1 year ago

    Sue Aroo

    Not the brightest, are they? Deeply depressing programme. Sad reflection on society, :(

  • Beryl Magee

    1 year ago

    Beryl Magee

    I watched with interest your programme on fighters wives you should do a prog on fighters mums i have 4 kids 3 of them boys all three fight two of them are pro cage fighters all train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu one of them owns and runs one of the top five rated gyms in the world of MMA Jack Magee Mad Hatters theyre teaching and training is a way of life that has taken Jack all over the world to train with the worlds best they all come from a humble past but have become through hard work and dedication to this way of life well balanced men Adam 32,Jack 29 and Joe 25 as all Mums I am very proud and have seen many girlfriends come and go, my full support and blessings are always with them its a chosen art that deserves respect to all participants ooss Mum

  • Nick

    1 year ago


    im a semi pro thai fighte and i find it imossible to get a gf with the training and lifestyle i live. it seems more of a turn off

  • Jimmy

    1 year ago


    Anyone no that name of the song at 28.50

  • clare

    1 year ago


    my partner scott is a thai and mma fighter and it dosent bother me in the slightest that he can get injuries at the end of the day i got with him as he did it so i stand by him through the good and bad fights. i support him fully in each fight x

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    1 year ago