Series 1 - Episode 2

Episode 2

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There is no sign of the driver at the scene of a car crash. Can the Police Dog Unit track him down? The front door goes flying when Special Ops call in at a suspected drug dealer's flat, and a man is arrested when they discover a horticultural hideaway. And it looks like a blue movie is being filmed on the streets of Southend...


  • Series 1 - Episode 3

    What should be a routine collar turns into a foot pursuit through the streets of Southend.


  • Series 1 - Episode 1

    Rav Wilding joins frontline officers in Essex as they police an English Defence League march.

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Comments (11)

  • ian

    over 1 year ago


    couldn't watch it for long , the music was loud . could not hear anything that was being said , i tried subtitles , but because of the pounding very loud music , in the end i switched channels.

  • Tim

    over 1 year ago


    Coming up....

  • allison peck

    over 1 year ago

    allison peck

    just watched this programme, and a friend of mine appeared on it, i don't agree with what he did but to be called a bean pole by that presenter Rav what ever his name is i felt was quite disgusting..and it came up at the end of his piece that he was cautioned...mmmmm he wasn't cautioned he just slept it off in a cell for the night, due to the injuries he incurred and saftey for himself......

  • Kane

    over 1 year ago


    Has anyone got any info on the music? I'm quite into it. Thx

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  • Mark James

    over 1 year ago

    Mark James

    Just busted someone growing weed in a wardrobe. Waste of time and taxes

  • Pablo M

    over 1 year ago

    Pablo M

    I have to be honest, this is by far my least favourite Police Doc the Channel 5 do. The music in the background is really annoying! Plus Rav, although he seems like a decent guy, his presenting skills are pretty poor. Don't think I'll be watching again.

  • danielle mariette

    over 1 year ago

    danielle mariette

    caroline sod building new prisons ect all murders pedos ect should be given the chair!! bring it back!

  • Caroline Goudercourt

    over 1 year ago

    Caroline Goudercourt

    Makes me sick, the looser with the van, what will he get a slap on the wrists, these dirty criminals should loose all human rights when they choose to commit any crime, people always try to make excuses for them, why? they should be banged up, if the prisons are full then get the prisoners to build new prisons, problem solved, its time our system was changed, get tougher on these no marks of society, that van driver who crashed should have got sentenced to attempted murder

  • Jean Thaxton

    over 1 year ago

    Jean Thaxton

    The program showed just what an awful bunch of uneducated, drunk, racist thugs the EDL are. I've seen the police horses charge student protesters for much, much less.

  • Margaret Reed

    over 1 year ago

    Margaret Reed

    would be a damn sight better without the dreadful background noise,actually it's not even in the background! Spoils the whole thing and not sure i want to watch any more.