Frozen Impact

Frozen Impact

Frozen Impact

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A plane carrying a liver destined for a dying boy in need of a transplant crashes in the mountains of Vermont, triggering a desperate recovery mission.

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  • bettyboop13

    1 year ago


    Pathetic movie, a liver survives a plane crash, a car crash, a motorcycle crash, child has liver transplant performed by mother, who is the only doctor in the hospital, whilst the the whole town is in a disaster zone. child awake few hours after liver transplant in room in hospital, no drips, no pain, no oxygen, no equipment, no doctors, no nurses, just the child and his sister playing cards, a few hours after a liver transplant, I mean SERIOUSLY!!!!! What a :LOAD OF CRAP< can't believe I watched this until the end hoping it would improve...... C5 what are you thinking of???? I need to get a life.... will read the comments next time before I watch another C5 movie!!!

  • Sum1

    1 year ago


    ok, the snowballs. Seriously? A lot of the film looks fake, and the coincidences are a little unbelievable, however this film is not as bad as people have made it out to be. It is watchable.

  • Lea

    over 1 year ago


    As I say some films just should not have been made. Can we have some new films now as have seen them all somewhere along the line.

  • Buster Gasket

    over 1 year ago

    Buster Gasket

    Absolutely dreadful. If C5 paid anything at all to air this it was robbed.