Series 2 - Episode 4

The Jolly Boys

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This week, the Jolly Boys trial their new project, 'Whale Cam'. They have filmed dolphins, and tried and failed in an aerial footage project, but their ultimate goal is to film pilot whales, so they head out to the Straits in search of them. However, finding them proves more difficult than they thought.

Elsewhere, Dr Eric Shaw is part-way through an international scientific project, using six GPS collars to track the movements of The Rock's monkey population. The precious data is stored on the collars so it is essential that he gets them back. He has managed to retrieve one, but the next collar on his list has been dropped down a 1,500 foot cliff by a mischievous macaque. Eric has to enlist the help of a professional climber to scale the sheer rockface and try to hunt it down.

Meanwhile, keeping his beady eye on Gibraltar's busy frontier is Customs Officer Chris Nunez. He has a sixth sense when it comes to trouble and his no-nonsense attitude means that nothing gets past this man. On his shift, he busts a drug smuggler hiding contraband in an unusual place and there is a high-speed dash to the beach where a huge bale of drugs has been washed up.

As night falls on Gibraltar, the ambulance crew go ghost-hunting. Led by local historian Tito, they venture deep inside the tunnels and come across an abandoned power station, apparently haunted by a army major and his dog...


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