Series 2 - Episode 5

Episode 5

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This week sees the local results of the story that has been hitting the headlines worldwide – Spain’s virtual blockade of Gibraltar. With queues of up to seven hours to get across the border, traffic conditions in Gibraltar have become a nightmare.

The dispute has also created a disaster for local sweethearts Chantal and Nicky, who are having their wedding ceremony in Gibraltar but are holding their reception in Spain. Will they manage to get to their party or will their big day be ruined?

Amid heightened tensions with the Spanish government, the Royal Navy task force Cougar 13 arrives in port with 1,000 troops. Ellie and Sue are there to welcome them in.

Newly promoted police sergeant Dylan Quigley is back on the beat and busts some cigarette smugglers,who are hiding their tobacco in an unusual place. Meanwhile at HMP Windmill Hill, Gibraltar’s only prison, 26-year-old Youseff is about to say goodbye to the inmates and start a new life on the outside.

Someone else hoping to start a new life is Alan from Nottingham. He has lost seven stone after his surgery and has come to Gibraltar for a fitness boot camp to shed some more weight and get fit. Before he leaves, he sets himself a challenge – to climb the 426 metres to the top of the rock!


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