Season 5 - Episode 8: These Ties That Bind

Episode 8: These Ties That Bind

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Cristina hops into bed with Meredith and Derek to pass on the news she has picked up – Hahn has packed her bags and left the hospital. Her gossip is interrupted by a knock on the door from Sadie, an old friend of Meredith’s who has just started an internship at Seattle Grace.

Izzie is still not in charge of her senses after coming face to face with the patient whose heart she took for Denny. In fact, Denny’s spirit is still following her along the corridors. His ghost remains with her when she talks to a Navajo Indian who has had a ‘piggyback’ heart transplant, in which a donor heart is inserted but the patient’s original heart remains in place. The man believes he is haunted by the spirit of the girl whose organ he received and has decided that, come what may, he wants the donor heart removed.

Also this week, Derek and Callie work on the case of a homeless man who risks losing a limb, Cristina and Owen console each other with a drink, and Izzie’s plan to burn Denny out of her life seems to have the opposite effect – will she ever be rid of his ghost?

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