Season 5 - Episode 18: Stand By Me

Episode 18: Stand By Me

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After trying without success to get Izzie to take time off work to read up on her illness, Cristina gets her an appointment with an oncologist. However, Izzie is against the idea, saying she is not even sure if she wants treatment. Will she let her fears get in the way of potential recovery?

Elsewhere, Mark performs surgery on a victim of a drink-driving accident who does not have lips or a nose. Mark chooses Izzie and Lexie to scrub in on his surgery. However, later on, Izzie yells at her interns for making an inappropriate comment during a talk with the patient. Mark finds her yelling at them and throws her off his case. Further complications also soon arise – will Mark be able to perform the complex surgery to everyone’s satisfaction?

Meanwhile, Callie goes to Derek to try and convince him to come back towork, by telling him of a mistake she herself made early in her career. After Callie is unsuccessful in persuading Derek about a doctor’s fallibility, Meredith finally goes to see him, and he tells her that he loves her. She in turn fills Derek in on Izzie’s condition, and tells him that she is unsure if she can respect or love him if he will not try to save their friend. She leaves all of Izzie's scans with Derek – will this be enough to persuade the doctor to step back into his scrubs?

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