Series 1 - Episode 4: Birmingham


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This week, Sian and her team visit Birmingham, where a pair of newlyweds are faced with a half built horror thanks to teacher Claire’s DIY efforts. Claire has taken down walls and left the house a battle zone. With no kitchen and no bathroom, the couple cannot move in and are forced to pay two mortgages. They are slipping further into debt and in their first year of marriage have struggled to spend any quality time together because Claire is always working on the house. Her husband Matt is desperate for his wife to put down the hammer before anymore damage is done to their marital home or their relationship, not least because an estate agent has valued the property at less than the price the couple paid for it.

Claire and Matt hand their keys over to Sian for 11 days, but as soon as she starts the build she discovers that the house is in fact a danger zone. Work grinds to a halt in order to make the site safe.

The crucial remedial work only adds more pressure to the schedule and the budget. Will Sian be able to succeed in giving Claire and Matt a house they can move into in time?

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