Series 1 - Episode 1: Perthshire

Sian with Judi, Colin and Ben

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Sian and the team visit Perthshire, Scotland, where hypnotherapist Judi and her gardener partner Colin live in a 3-bed period cottage which they bought 11 years ago. But their dream home soon turned into a money pit.

What looked like simple renovation work turned into a beast of a job that Colin tried to tackle alone. Their 15-year-old son Ben has grown up on a building site and longs to spend more time with his parents. Judi has struggled to cook in the half-built kitchen which has no permanent walls and therefore no safe sockets to plug appliances into.

Her hypnotherapy room has become a DIY dumping ground with bare plaster and an uneven floor – not the tranquil space in which she can invite potential clients.

The house should be worth around £325,000, but a valuer has put it at around £50,000 less than that price. Sian wants to give Judi a well-equipped kitchen and diner which all the family can enjoy and an inviting therapy room so she can contribute more to the family finances.

Judi and Colin hand over their keys and Sian and her team of builders get cracking. But they soon find out they are going to have to work into the small hours to finish the job on time. Sian and Nick feel the strain as the pressure mounts and the long hours take their toll. Will the end result be worth all the effort? And how will Judi and Colin react to their transformed house?

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