Series 1 - Episode 2: Exeter

Chris, Sian and Amy

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Sian and her team go on manoeuvres in Exeter to help a Marine whose house looks like a bomb has hit it!

The renovation plans Royal Marine Chris and his primary school teacher girlfriend Amy had for their home have gone awry. After buying the house in 2011, a week later Chris was deployed overseas. When he returned 7 months later the mammoth DIY challenge began. His original plan to change the cupboard doors in the kitchen resulted in stripping everything back to the bare walls and ripping out the electrics. This pattern was then repeated in the living room, then spread to the whole house.

On first inspection Sian sums up their home as not a DIY disaster, but a building site: with ceiling
and floor beams exposed, cable everywhere and rubble where the carpet should be.

Chris and Amy pack their bags and hand over the keys of the house to Sian but before work begins, Sian brings in a valuer to estimate what the property is worth. Chris bought the property in 2011 for £175,000, but following his attempts at DIY the valuer believes it would make £110,000.

Sian's plan is to convert one of the property's four bedrooms into a beautiful family-sized bathroom and convert the current water closet in to an en-suite shower room. Downstairs Sian intends to rebuild some of the walls that Chris has knocked down, making a u-shaped kitchen with breakfast bar. Creating two new bathrooms and a kitchen is not an inexpensive operation. However, Sian is the master of negotiation...

But after nearly a week of work, disaster strikes with a supporting wall and foundations. Will the work pass the inspection? Will Sian and the team come in on time and on budget? And will Chris and Amy recoup the value of their home?



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