Series 1 - Episode 3: Eastbourne

Sian, Ben, Stacey and Jacob

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Sian and the team visit Eastbourne in Sussex, where Stacey and Ben are raising their toddler on a building site. Stacey and her DIY enthusiast husband, Ben, moved into their home in December 2011 with baby Jacob. They had successfully decorated properties before, so this time Ben decided it was time to step up a gear and completely renovate the house. He started by removing the chimney stack, then knocked down a wall between the living room and kitchen. He then laid into the bathroom, leaving it open to the elements. He finished the job by ripping out all the carpets, leaving bare floorboards throughout the house.

Stacey cannot let Jacob out of her sight. She has to watch him constantly as he is often falling on the floor, picking up tools or catching his socks on nails. The two of them spend most of their day wandering the streets of Eastbourne or finding friends to have coffee with rather than be at home. With another baby on the way there is even more of a rush to make the family home habitable.

The couple have already sunk £30,000 into the house but the estate agent has valued it at £315,000 – £50,000 less than its potential. Ben and Stacey hand over their keys and Sian and her team of builders, led by project manager Nick Edwards, get cracking. But Sian and Nick disagree about the amount of work that can be achieved within the time frame and budget. The pressure takes its toll on their already fragile working relationship...

Will all their efforts be worth while when Stacey and Ben see what they have done to their family home?



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