• Episode 12: Storm Brewing

    Muzzy the mouse is scared of thunderstorms but Hana helps him to control his fear by drawing.

  • Episode 11: Brave As A Lion

    Lee the lion cub is afraid of going to the dentist... Hana to the rescue!

  • Episode 26: Best Mum In The World

    Calling Hana today is Lee the lion cub, who is having trouble finding his mum a suitable gift for Mother's Day.

  • Episode 10: Fibbing Frog

    Ffion the frog always tells fibs to impress her friends. Hana helps her to be happy just being herself.

  • Episode 25: When Ducklings Dare

    Francis the duckling is finding it hard to master riding a bike, but his mum - Hana the helpful duck - may have the answer.

  • Episode 9: Bubble Trouble

    Patsy is a little pig with a personal freshness problem. Hana helps her discover that bathing makes you more popular.

  • Episode 24: Beware The Bear

    Hana the duck offers a helping hand to another of her animal friends as she teaches Bert the bear to look after the belongings of others.

  • Episode 8: Too Many Hands

    Olivia is a little octopus who feels really clumsy until Hana helps her discover that with her hands she can do six things all at once.

  • Episode 23: Super Squirrel

    Having a fear of heights is impractical for Cyril the squirrel, but perhaps Hana the agony aunt duck has a way of conquering his phobia.

  • Episode 7: Disappearing Act

    Myrtle the turtle is shy and cannot make friends. Hana and the team help Myrtle come out of her shell.

  • Episode 22: Little Miss Sulky Pants

    Ffion the frog is affronted by the arrival of a skunk foster sister. Will Hana the helpful duck have a way to stop her sulking?

  • Episode 6: Cyril The Squirrel

    Hana the duck heeds a cry for help from another animal friend. Cyril is unable to remember the whereabouts of his belongings, but Hana's special song may help.

  • Episode 21: Where's Teddy

    Patsy Pig has mislaid her favourite teddy bear, but perhaps the search that Hana the duck has organised will find him.

  • Episode 5: Gorilla Crossing

    Hana the problem-solving duck offers a helping hand to Gazza the gorilla, who is scared of the outside world.

  • Episode 20: You're a Star

    Mrs Winger is organising the school's nativity play, but is there really no room for Fergus the firefly in the cast? Hana the duck, however, may be able to help out.

  • Episode 4: No Fear

    Hana the duck helps another of her friends in the animated series for younger viewers. Douglas the duckling is afraid of learning to swim until Hana provides reassurance.

  • Episode 19: Bully For Douglas

    Douglas the duck is the victim of bullying, but helpful Hana tells him not to suffer in silence and share his problem with his friends.

  • Episode 18: Stop That Ernie

    Ernie the eagle's incessant drumming is annoying his peers, but Hana the helpful duck is quick to spot his musical talent.

  • Episode 17: I'm A Big Boy

    Muzzy the mouse is tired of being mocked for his diminutive stature, but Hana the duck shows him how his size can come in useful in a go-kart race.

  • Episode 3: Team Spirit

    Panda Rosie despairs that she doesn't shine at anything, until Hana the helpful duck points out that she's an integral part of a team.

  • Episode 2: Night Light

    Helpful Hana the duck has to contend with Bert the bear's fear of the dark. Before long, she arranges him to meet an insomniac firefly by the name of Fergus.

  • Episode 1: Winging It

    Ellen may be a bird unable to take flight, but Hana the duck helps her to realise that she can move very quickly while still on the ground.

  • Episode 16: Dancing Away

    Olivia the octopus is not very good at sport, so Hana helps her become a ballerina.

  • Episode 15: High And Seek

    How can Gwenda the giraffe excel at a game of hide and seek when she's so tall? Fortunately, Hana the duck is at hand to point out why her height can be a bonus.

  • Episode 14: Unwanted Gift

    The duck agony aunt meets Patsy the piglet, who wants to swap her baby brother for something better. Hana persuades her that it's fun to have someone to look after.

  • Episode 13: Help I'm Lost

    Poor Ellen the ostrich is always getting lost. However, she is soon helped by Hana the duck, who teaches her the difference between left and right.