Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

  • Harry The Inventor

    Harry decides he wants to be an inventor and takes a trip to Dino World in search of inspiration.

  • What Does The Key Open?

    Harry and the Dinos head to Dino World equipped with a magic key. Which door does it open?

  • What's A Quest?

    Harry and the Dinos go to Dino World on a quest to find the perfect birthday gift for Harry's mum.

  • That's Strong

    Harry is dismayed to learn that he is not strong enough to lift boxes for the school jumble sale.

  • There's Got To Be Something

    Harry and friends enlist the help of Digger Stan, the build-it man.

  • Where Did The Wind Go?

    Harry and the Dinos want to fly their kite, but cannot find a breeze strong enough.

  • School's Out

    Harry comes home from school with all manner of exciting tales.

  • My Hair Is Short

    Harry doesn't like his new haircut, so he goes to Dino World in search of something to make it grow.

  • It's An Elephant-Ostrich

    Harry mixes up his toy animals and invents weird new creatures.

  • Now You See Me?

    Harry decides to become invisible so he can win at hide and seek.

  • Silly Pencil

    Harry is trying to draw a castle, but is having trouble getting his pencil to draw a straight line.

  • I'm Really Hot

    Harry and his primeval playmates head to Dino World to escape a particularly hot day.

  • I've Got The Giggles

    Harry is suffering from a serious bout of the giggles - and they appear to be contagious!

  • Dino Snap

    Harry is playing cards with Nana when he realises that one of the Megalosaurus cards is missing.

  • Emergency!

    Trike heads to Dino World to visit Dr Harry after contracting tinselitis.

  • Jungle Harry

    Harry and the Dinos attend a Great Big Jungle Bash.

  • I Want To Make A Movie

    Harry and his playmates go in search of a story fit for the silver screen.

  • It's An Alien!

    Harry and the Dinos are excited when an alien arrives on Dino World in a huge flying saucer.

  • Home!

    Harry and the Dinos are having a whale of a time on the Dino World roller coaster.

  • Do You Like My Tent?

    Harry and the Dinos embark on a camping adventure in an attempt to earn their own special badges.

  • Cool Shadow!

    Harry and his primeval playmates head to Dino World for the mother of all hide-and-seek games.

  • Choo Choo

    Harry and the Dinos have an adventure on the Dino World Express.

  • Join The Parade

    Harry and the Dinos form a marching band and perform in the National Dino Day parade.

  • Hurray For Pizza!

    Harry and the Dinos open Harry's Pizza Parlour in Dino World and start serving tailor-made pizzas.

  • Aaarrggh Treasure!

    Captain Harry and his dino pirate crew set sail for Treasure Island in search of buried treasure.

  • Is That Really A Lamp?

    Harry and the dinos venture into Dino World in search of a magic lamp.

  • Somebody's Moving

    Harry and Charley go to Dino World to see if anyone needs the assistance of Harry's Moving Crew.

  • Yeehaw

    Harry heads to Dino World in search of his rubber duck.

  • Jump

    Harry and the dinosaurs jet off to the Planet Boing to do some bouncing.

  • I See A Seashell!

    Harry is playing on the beach when he comes across a shell that would make the perfect decoration.

  • I Wish It Were Yesterday

    The gang go to Dino World to do some time travelling.

  • Harry The Explorer

    Harry and his dinosaurs go to Dino World to see what new territory they can conquer.

  • Costume Party

    Harry and his friend Charley are invited to a costume party.

  • My Tooth Has Come Out!

    When Harry's first tooth comes out, he puts it under his pillow and waits for the Tooth Fairy.

  • Two Plus Two Makes Four

    Harry sets off to Dino World in search of the answer to a tricky maths question.

  • I Want To Go Faster!

    Harry builds a hot-rod vehicle in Dino World.

  • Splash!

    When Harry's bath toy Ducky tumbles into his magical Bucket.

  • Mirror Mirror!

    Harry and his dinosaur pals try to access the other side of the looking glass in Dino World.

  • I'm King Harry!

    Harry jumps in his bucket to Dino World to embark on a noble quest to find Nana's missing glasses.

  • Zoom!

    Harry goes to Dino World to see if he can find inspiration for his holiday.

  • Harry, Bug Hunter!

    Harry rushes to Dino World to catch up with a caterpillar.

  • Can I Help?

    Harry practises his decorating skills in Dino World.

  • What A Cold Nose!

    While dog-sitting with his grandmother, Harry has the bright idea of taking the pup to Dino World.

  • I Wish I Could Fly!

    The loss of his balloon makes Harry wish he could fly.

  • I Love Strawberries!

    Harry dreams up a character called the 'Great Strawberry Nibbler' - who shows up in Dino World.

  • Superheroes Don't Dance!

    Following a game of superheroes with his friend Charley, Harry declines a party invitation.

  • Once Upon A Time

    Harry needs a green crayon to illustrate his story about a naughty troll.

  • What's Thunder?

    Harry wonders what exactly causes thunder and lightning and decides to visit Dino World to find out.

  • Where's My Penguin?

    Harry and the gang return to the skies in their hot air balloon in search of Harry's paper penguin.

  • Let's Go To Africa

    Harry wants to take something exciting to show and tell at school.

  • Space Captain Harry

    Harry and the gang return from space to find that they have brought a star with them.

  • Blast Off

    Space Captain Harry and the Dinos fly off into space and encounter a host of cosmic characters.