Series 1 - Episode 2: George Beurling

George Beurling

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Even though Canadian George Beurling broke every rule in the book, he still managed to become one of the greatest fighter pilots of World War II. But his was a turbulent road to glory. The Canadian Air Force deemed him too young for service and even when the British RAF accepted him, Beurling was branded a loner who lacked discipline and regularly defied orders.

Only when he was transferred to Malta, one of the most dangerous war zones of World War II, was he able to prove himself. From 1940 to 1942, the strategically vital Mediterranean island was on the verge of surrender to the fascist powers. During the bitterly fought Battle of Malta, no Allied pilot shot down more enemy planes. Against staggering odds, Beurling's eagle-eyed marksmanship and extraordinary command of his Spitfire helped to win a crucial victory that changed the course of the war.



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