Highland Emergency

  • Episode 30

    A rescue is needed for an elderly walker in agonising pain.

  • Episode 29

    Rescue 177 rescues a man with suspected spinal injuries.

  • Episode 28

    The team rescues the warden of a medieval abbey.

  • Episode 27

    RAF Rescue 137 responds to a massive car crash.

  • Episode 26

    The RAF rescues a canyoner from a deep river gorge.

  • Episode 25

    Royal Navy Rescue 177 rescues a walker with head injuries.

  • Episode 24

    HM Coastguard struggles to reach an injured walker on the Isle of Skye. And the Royal Navy races to save a motocross rider with a badly injured leg.

  • Episode 23

    Royal Navy Rescue 177 races to a man who has fallen at Steall falls, near Ben Nevis.

  • Episode 22

    Royal Navy Rescue 177 battle to save a man stranded in a freezing river.

  • Episode 21

    Royal Navy Rescue 177 rescues two injured climbers.

  • Episode 20

    RAF Rescue 137 has to rescue a group of school girls.

  • Episode 19

    The Royal Navy races to a teenager at risk of paralysis.

  • Episode 18

    The Royal Navy races to a woman with a suspected spinal injury who has fallen at Needles Ee, a cliff near Arbroath.

  • Episode 17

    A fuel shortage hampers the crew as it comes to the aid of a walker with a broken ankle on the Mull of Kintyre.

  • Episode 16

    The Royal Navy races to save a lumberjack who has fallen at a wind farm in Abington.

  • Episode 15

    The coastguard has to fly through a missile-testing ground to rescue a man with spinal injuries.

  • Episode 14

    For Stornoway Coastguard there is a desperate search for an air ambulance carrying a kidney transplant patient.

  • Episode 13

    RAF Rescue 137 races to a hang-glider who has crashed on Britain's highest mountain, Ben Nevis.

  • Episode 12

    RAF Rescue 137 attends to a fallen climber with head injuries, who is perched on a deadly ridge.

  • Episode 11

    The lives of a pregnant woman, and a fallen walker hang in the balance.

  • Episode 10

    The helicopter Search and Rescue crews of the RAF, Navy and Coastguard rush to help injured walkers and climbers in the Scottish Highlands.

  • Episode 9

    Documentary series following the rescue services.

  • Episode 8

    A tricky winch operation is undertaken when an injured female walker is hanging off the edge of a cliff.

  • Episode 7

    An elderly gentleman suffers from a suspected heart attack.

  • Episode 6

    A kayaker goes missing during a violent storm.

  • Episode 5

    The winchmen earn their crust.

  • Episode 4

    A training exercise turns into a real mission.

  • Episode 3

    A mountain climber falls over 260 feet.

  • Episode 2

    The rescuers have an important decision to make.

  • Episode 1

    Weather hampers the rescue of an injured walker.